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10 Affordable Brands That Look Expensive

By: Sarah Beaumont

September 25, 2017

You know that feeling when someone compliments a piece of clothing that you’ve had forever? “Oh, this old thing?” you say, secretly pleased with your ability to fool the eye into thinking your clothes are nicer than they are. That’s how we feel when someone mistakenly identifies a piece of our furniture for a way fancier version. To be completely truthful, there are a lot of good lookalikes out there. Of course, nothing compares to a real Eames chair or a beautiful Tom Dixon pendant light, but when an affordable piece looks good, it looks real good.

To let you in on the feeling, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite little-known brands with great pieces for great prices. From art to rugs, read on for furniture and decor under $1000 that looks like it costs way more.


Safavieh is the best-kept secret of interior designers. Offering a wide array of artfully finished pieces in both glamorous and traditional styles, it’s a brand that holds its value in the home, but doesn’t cost a lot to acquire.


TOV is a bit more expensive of a brand, but it’s totally worth the splurge because of it’s high-end fabrics. We love the curved shape and glam look of this velvet and gold chair.


Moroccan, Persian, and Turkish rugs. Name one thing they all have in common: they’re expensive. But not from Nuloom. This brand produces on-trend looks at reasonable prices. That way you can try out a look before committing to the mortgage-payment prices of a vintage rug.


Though Modway can vary in price, it has a lot of lookalike modern pieces that you’ll find for ten times the amount when they’re original. Modeled after the famous Togo Sofa, the Waverunner Corner sofa on the left is an edgy look that has been making a serious comeback. On the right, an Eames-style barstool chair stands the test of time with its organically flowing design.

Vita Copenhagen

You know those crazy-cool contemporary light fixtures that look like they cost a fortune? Well, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. In the case of Vita Copenhagen, they don’t.


If you think these chairs might make you feel like you’re dining at a fancy outdoor bistro in the South of France, then you’re not wrong. ZuoMod designs pieces with personality for a home that mixes modern style with timeless tastes.


Table and floor lamps can be a lot more expensive than one might think. But Adesso takes inspiration from designer pieces and translates them into more reasonable prices.

Baxton Studio

A good quality bed frame or sofa for under $1000 is hard to come by. But not with Baxton Studio. This wholesale retailer sells great foundation pieces for the home in durable, quality materials.

Capricorn Press

From restored antique prints to digitally manipulated photographs, Capricorn Press uses creative techniques to explore an answer to finding affordable art for the home.


Acme is a treasure trove of favorite mid-century modern and contemporary styles. Think tapered leg sofas, tufted leather loungers and clean-lined pieces in luxe-looking materials like copper, rosegold or brass.



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