10 Dreamy Nooks for Napping

By: Casey Gerber

March 13, 2017

via Milo + Mitzy

While we give major props to the sleep aficionado that declared today “National Napping Day,” we’re equally upset that this holiday just HAPPENS to fall on a Monday. I mean, is this some kind of sick joke?! So, if you’re anything like us and can only daydream about spending the day well, dreaming, these napping nooks should tide you over ’till bedtime. Scroll through to see some of our snooze-inducing faves!

Built-In Bedtime

10 Dreamy Nooks for Napping, Laurel & Wolf,

Via Interiorismos // Nicky Haslam Design – Portfolio

It’s hard to pass up a good snooze when it’s practically built into your home. We wouldn’t mind diving into that bed of pillows in the space on the left and drawing the drapes closed in the one on the right.

A Snoozy Sectional:

There’s no denying that blissful feeling of falling asleep in front of the TV, which is why we’re all about L-shaped sofas with an attached chaise lounge.

A Bedtime Story: 

We dare you to try to get through your reading list without falling asleep inside these napping nooks made for bookworms.

An Adorable Attic:

10 Dreamy Nooks for Napping, Laurel & Wolf,

via HGTV

The only responsible position in this attic is horizontal, wouldn’t you agree?

A Cozy Hangout:

There’s nothing like swinging yourself to sleep. And thankfully, you don’t need to be on summer vacay in order to do so.

A Bohemian Bed:

You can turn any daybed into the ultimate sleep setup by piling on the throw pillows. These vintage stunners make for an impressive display of the textiles you’ve collected during your travels.

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