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10 Mudrooms with Serious Style

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 9, 2017

Image via Homey Oh My

If you have kids or a dog, then you know the truth: mudrooms are highly underrated. They provide a barrier between the rest of your home and the outside elements. They’re a functional space for shoe and jacket storage. Name aside, these areas are a lot more than spaces for tracking dirt. Mudrooms are like the opening act to an exciting band. They aren’t the main course, but they can give you a pretty good taste of what’s to come. From eclectic entryways to laundry rooms that do double-duty, these mudrooms come with serious style.

A Bold Entry

Sometimes it pays to make a bold entrance. In the case of these spirited entryways, style is not sacrificed for function. A peppy wallpaper decorates the glam, modern mudroom on the left, while a gallery wall adds visual interest above an entryway bench on the right.

Accessorized Areas

Mudrooms can wear many hats. They’re a place to wipe your feet, kick off your shoes, set your bag, and store your coat. But have you ever considered using the things you store in the mudroom as decor? These spaces use bags, hats, and picnic baskets to their full decorating potential.

Fully Functional

Have pets? Make your mudroom pet-friendly and pretty with drawers that roll out into food bowls and little nooks for your pup to hide in, waiting for you to come home. Don’t have an entryway with all the built-in functionality? Make your laundry room do double duty by adding a bench, hooks, and shelving.

Stylish Storage Solutions

Making space for storage and style in the mudroom can be tricky, but these spaces do it well with eclectic rugs, plants, pillows, and storage units that stretch high or merge utility and charm, like the industrial piece on the left.

Back to Basics

Apartments typically don’t come intact with full-fledged mudrooms. But sometimes all you really need is a simple bench, a mirror, and a few hooks on the wall to create a functional one in the middle of your home.

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