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10 Packing Hacks from FlatRate for a Stress-Free Move!

By: Casey Gerber

June 5, 2015

Packing. That simple word can make the hair on the back of anyone’s neck stand up. No one likes packing, especially for a move, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful or time-consuming as you might anticipate.

The pros over at FlatRate, the most reliable moving company in the biggest cities have let us in on a few tricks of the trade, so if you’re in the process of moving put these helpful hacks to use and you can kiss the stress of your move goodbye!

1. Hit the liquor store for packing boxes.


Liquor boxes are perfect for packing up your life because they’re nice and strong. If you ask at the liquor store they’ll usually just give you a bunch of empty boxes. Or, buy a couple cases of beer and invite your friends over for a packing party. Whoever drinks the case of beer and packs it with stuff fastest gets whatever leftover items you don’t want! (But be careful and maybe don’t let anyone know where you got that brilliant idea).

2. Pack with snacks.


Eat up all your snack food and use containers like cans, empty jars of sauce, granola bar boxes etc. for smaller items like pens, hair accessories, and other odds and ends from the junk drawer.

3. Label, label, label! 


It will be much easier for you (and the movers!) if you label meticulously after packing each box. Color code by room using colorful tape and write the contents of the box on the label so you know which boxes go to which rooms and can prioritize what to unpack first.

4. Protect breakable kitchenware by packing it with paper plates and clothing items.


Wedge styrofoam or paper plates between breakable dishes and bowls for protection. Blankets and clothing items you don’t wear very often make great protection devices for breakable kitchenware as well, and will save space in other boxes!

5. Use clean socks to protect fragile glassware.


Again, you might eliminate an entire box or suitcase just by using your clothes to wrap breakable items. Your socks make a great buffer for wine glasses and other glassware with stems. Put a pair of balled up socks inside of the glass and a couple pairs around the stem for optimal protection.

6. Put the heavy stuff in suitcases. 


People often make the mistake of packing all of their books in one box. Good luck moving that heavy thing anywhere! If you pack books and other heavy items in rolling suitcases the load becomes much lighter and your back will thank you.

7. Take a picture of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how to hook them up.


It’s amazing how quickly we forget how to do such seemingly simple tasks. Hooking up your TV to other electronic devices is a pain, so snap a few pics to see exactly how everything is connected before you pack it away so you can easily set it all up at the new place.

8. Use a garbage bag to protect clothes on hangers.


Just load the bottom of the clothes into an open bag and tie the bag around a cluster of hangers. This way, if anything falls off a hanger it won’t end up in a puddle. Those sweaters, sweatshirts, towels and linens can also provide plenty of cushioning in the bottom of a box filled with breakables!

9. Move the big stuff with ease by disassembling furniture and removing hardware.


It’s no lie. Transporting furniture is probably the most frustrating part of moving. We know it’s a pain, but unscrew knobs and handles from dressers, nightstands, etc. and wrap plastic wrap around drawers to keep them from sliding around. You don’t want to end up with a lost knob and a cracked drawer when the movers unload your dresser and this will prevent some serious damage.

10. Keep track of your essentials. 

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There’s nothing worse than realizing you have no clue where your toothbrush is. Pack an overnight bag with immediate essentials like toiletries and if you can, pack one clear plastic bin with things you’ll need right away when you move in, like utensils, phone and computer chargers, toilet paper, etc. The clear bin allows you to see inside and separates itself from the scores of cardboard boxes.

Naturally, packing up your life and moving it to a new location isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience either. With these moving hacks you’ll be a serious pro, but don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need to. FlatRate offers seriously good deals with their all-inclusive price, a detailed Move Plan, varying levels of service to fit your needs and budget, and a reliable infrastructure that guarantees to make your move less stressful. And after your move Laurel & Wolf is always here to help you design your new space.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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