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10 Pink & Red Rooms that Make Our Hearts Skip a Beat

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 14, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

Whether you’re single or spoken for, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day can be a little sickeningly sweet. By the time the day arrives, we’ve been worn out by our attempts at making dinner reservations, we’ve seen way too many ads for the “perfect gift,” and we never want to taste another candy heart again.

But there is one thing about this hallmark holiday that we can get behind — the colors. Although soothing blues and neutral hues are great, nothing makes us swoon like a room covered in the colors of love. So put down the box of chocolates and the flowers, because these pink and red rooms are the true way to you and your lover’s hearts.

Pretty in Pink

When you’re in love, light pink is basically a neutral, right? These playful, blush-toned spaces make us feel as flirty as a college freshman.

A Scarlet Story

Make a scarlet statement with a bold, velvet sofa. Or go more subtle with a blooming bouquet. Either way, when you pair a fiery hue with a coral pink, it makes for a perfect union.

Heart-Worthy Hues

Sometimes a pop of blush pink is all you need to get in a romantic mood. (It helps if it comes in the form of a heart-shaped painting.)

Eclectic Colors
10 Pink & Red Rooms that Make Our Hearts Skip a Beat

via Amber Interiors / Joanna Henderson for Vogue Living Australia

Patterned pink finds its boho-happy home in this bedroom designed by Amber Lewis. On the right, an artful living space filled with modern and antique accents blends rouge and rose better than a valentine card.

Rosy & Refined

Red takes a traditional turn in the sitting room on the right, while hot pink dominates the glam and vibrant dining area on the left.

Blushing Accents

via Rue Mag by Crush Interiors

Black is rarely considered romantic, but when blossoming pink petals are the focal point of the room, it’s a recipe for romance.

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