10 Tiny Homes with Big Style

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 1, 2017

Image via Decoist

Once upon a time, owning a multi-bed and bath house with extra square footage for lots of stuff meant you had it all. Literally. But a big house doesn’t always mean big style.

Minimizing has become a hot trend, led by the tiny house movement. From boxes on wheels to former boiler rooms, these tiny homes are redefining what it means to live big.

Bright Light, Big Style

With only 312 square feet of living space, this sunny Texas spot is home to a creative couple and their cat. The smooth, mahogany floors and white walls make the space appear much larger than it is. And with that great outdoor area and eclectic, comforting accents, we can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to give micro-living a try.

Green House Design

Made from oak wood and filled with greenery, this farmhouse-style home on wheels takes indoor-outdoor living up a notch. With a swooping garage door, tons of natural light, and a full kitchen, we’re calling it a winner. Plus, it has a washer and dryer — not something you get in a tiny apartment.

Simple & Sustainable

Designed for a family of two, this tiny home is fit with a gabled roof and a long set of sliding glass doors that give the space an airy feel. Its modern boho decor makes it friendly and livable on the inside while the cement-paneled exterior gives it a striking, contemporary vibe outside.

Lofted Living

In a tiny house, height is put to good use. Shelves line the walls, stacking close to the ceilings while beds are typically lofted to provide privacy and extra space for sleeping.

Spacial Illusions
10 Tiny Homes with Big Style, Laurel & Wolf,

via Gizmag

This 316 square foot home creates the illusion of space with its blind door hallway and vast windows. Filled with trim, modern furniture, neutral tones and minimal decor, it proves that size matters only if you let it.

Boho-Chic Abode
10 Tiny Homes with Big Style, Laurel & Wolf,

via Tiny House Town, designed by Emily Katz

Tucked in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, this tiny two-person sleeper is about as Portland as they come. Stocked with artisan-made goods, Southwestern textiles and vintage touches, it’s the perfect escape from lots of stuff. Plus, it’s available to rent on Airbnb!

Gyspy Den

With its red-trimmed windows and collection of African decor, the home on the left blends a glamorous array of styles, making it feel large through its boldness. On the right, exposed ceiling beams and an open loft have an expansive effect on this gypsy den.

Smart Style
10 Tiny Homes with Big Style, Laurel & Wolf,

via Lonny

Pared down and ultra-livable, this color-filled Austin home is packed with smart solutions and objects of interest. Made famous by FX’s Tiny House Nation, the space is maximized for entertaining through its lack of bulky decor.

Boiling with Potential

Not many saw potential in this former laundromat’s boiler room in San Francisco’s Mission District. But one architect decided its aged brick walls and wood beams would make the perfect backdrop for a guest house. Complete with a kitchen, sitting area, bathroom and sleeping space, the tiny home is now full of contemporary, urban style.

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