10 Ways to Make a Big Statement on a Budget

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 1, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest by Descience Laboratories Inc. and Sachs Lindores

When the Rolling Stones wrote the lyrics to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” we think they may have been talking about designing your home. It’s true, you can’t always get what you want (that $13,000 marble table for instance). But there are more than a few ways to make a big statement without blowing your budget.

From rearranging your throw pillows to reupholstering a chair, these interior updates will make your space go bang without the buck.

Refresh Your Upholstery

New sofas are expensive, but reupholstering? Well, that costs a little less. If you have some great classic furniture pieces that are in decent shape, consider getting them reupholstered in fabrics that will pop. Opt for rich velvets, which are currently trending hard, or go for something a little wild and eclectic like animal print or an Uzbek pattern.

Rock a Rug

If your space feels bare, a rug is an easy, affordable add-on that makes a huge statement. Look for brightly colored kilims and scour your local flea market for inexpensive, vintage pieces. Even a simple jute rug can add a lot of flavor to a space. If you have a big, empty wall begging to be filled, make your rug go vertical and use it as a textural, large-scale artwork.

Make a Bang with Books

Have a large literature collection? Place it center stage. When your books are well-organized and in an eye-catching spot — even if they’re stacked on a variety of surfaces — they double as decor. Just make sure to mix in a few other decorative items for good measure.

Go Dark & Dramatic

Nothing transforms a room quite like a deep, luscious coat of paint. A hue like navy blue is both clean and dramatic. But it works best with light colored floors and softer accents, so take note of your surrounding decor before making the plunge into darkness.

Invest in Art

A home without art is like a bed frame without a mattress — it just feels sad and empty. But don’t worry, having an art collection doesn’t mean you have to spend more than a year’s salary on the latest Richard Prince piece. Online art marketplaces are a great source for affordable art. You can also find some real treasures when you do a little hunting through thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets.

Add Some Greenery

Adding a burst of lively greenery to your space is a wallet-friendly way to make a statement. If you want your plant life to be the center of attention, opt for something large, like a banana leaf palm or fern. Otherwise, create a focal point using a collection of smaller succulents and potted plants.

Get Reflective

10 Ways to Make a Big Statement on a Budget, Laurel & Wolf,

No budget for art? Get artistic with your mirrors. A gallery wall featuring a variety of frames and sizes is sophisticated and eye-catching.

Make a Painted Statement

Paint is the winner when it comes to making a statement on a budget. A bold wall in a saturated hue can instantly brighten a room. Or for something a little more risqué, consider painting your ceiling a vibrant shade of this year’s top color — green.

Change Your Throw Pillows

Whether you want to bring an old sofa back to life or add texture and color to a room that feels flat, the power is in the pillows. The best part about them? You can find cool, affordable throw cushions practically anywhere that sells home decor. So if yours are starting to feel a little dated, simply swap them out for a fresh set.

Replace Your Hardware
10 Ways to Make a Big Statement on a Budget, Laurel & Wolf,

via A Vintage Splendor / Fox Force Five & Christopher Knight Interiors

You don’t need to do an entire kitchen reno or buy all new furniture to elevate your home’s look. Sometimes it’s as easy as swapping out the hardware. Knobs and pulls can be pricey, but there are tons of affordable options at big box retailers, vintage shops, and even your local hardware store.

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