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11 Goth Homes That Are Totally Badass

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 26, 2016

Image via Jens Bösenberg

You don’t have to love Marilyn Manson to appreciate a jet black interior, shadowed in low, brooding light. Goths get a bad sartorial rap, but when Halloween rolls around, we say the darker the better. From spaces that recall medieval times to modern homes with Victorian touches, these gothic interiors are sending chills of design envy down our spines.

Dramatic Entrance

A dramatic entryway always makes a statement. Especially one with a barrel vaulted ceiling and a lengthy, stone-walled hall. But an antiquated piano topped with oddities takes eerie elegance to a new level.

Red Room

via Boca do Lobo by Fiona Ellis / Schloss Hotel Berlin

A dash of color never hurt any goth. Rooms splashed with red or filled with deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald date back to Victorian Era decorating. Extra points for deer skulls, a black chandelier, and a spiral staircase lit by a candelabra.

Dining in Darkness

Black walls bordered in gold give off a hint of gothic glamor at L’Hôtel du Marc in Reims, France. But the most impressive part of this moody room? The original, 1840s wall sconces.

Paint it Black

When all else fails, do as the Rolling Stones do and paint it black. A monochromatic geometric floor plays against the fireplace in the space on the left, which creates instant drama with its lacquered finish. From floor to ceiling, the space on the right is coated in shades of matte black and gray, creating a brooding scene in what otherwise might be a cheerful country kitchen.

Victorian Valor

A library tucked slyly under the stairs, black parquet flooring, and an original marble fireplace. This refurbished Victorian may feel new, but the 1893 construction can’t conceal its gothic roots. A pair of rich, velvet chairs only further the “secretly haunted library” vibes.

The Dark Arts

Mix high-end furnishings with curious antiquities and intricate design details for a moody and mysterious look. Sketches of skulls and sculptures of hands add a creep-factor to the space on the left while vintage artwork and other-worldly objects create the perfect Halloween setting in the space on the right.

Gothic Elegance

With its dim lighting, Gothic arch windows, and spiky, anthropomorphic furniture, the Riad Dar Darma Hotel in Morocco is a picture of dark elegance. The gold studded doorway, checkered floor, and aged Oriental rug add to its Gothic perfection.

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