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11 Stunning Pool Houses to Cool Down Your Summer

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 12, 2016

Photo by Roger Davies, designed by Miles Redd  for Architectural Digest

Blistering sun, sweat, heat — the dog days of summer are upon us. During these last muggy weeks of the season, the only activity we can even begin to wrap our head around is relaxing by a big body of water. But hauling ourselves through the sand at the beach doesn’t sound so appealing anymore. Thankfully, we still have pools — our saving grace on 95-degree days. And when they come with a pool house, that’s even better. If you want a brief escape from the heat or need to refresh your beverage, these charming poolside dwellings seriously come in handy. So pour yourself a lemonade and chill out with the coolest pool houses around.

Modern Moves

Sleek and contemporary, the pool house on the left has a glass garage door that allows for a swift jump in or out of the water. The boxy little beauty on the right is constructed with rich woods and natural stones that blend with the pool’s lush surroundings.

Sacred Escape

Could there be anywhere more blessed than this secluded spot? We think not. From church house to pool house, Martin von Haselberg’s converted space is a dream on the inside and out (think pale pink floors and Moroccan-inspired patterns). And we love how the playful pool overlooks the crystalline lake below.

Tropical Hideout

Not all poolhouses need to be the size of a small home. This tiki-inspired hut is perfect for lounging and makes the area feel like a true tropical oasis.

Classical Beauty
via Lisa Romerein for C Home /

via Lisa Romerein for C Home / AJM Architect

Richard Shapiro’s secluded Los Angeles pool house feels like a perfectly preserved Grecian ruin. The overgrown vegetation and delicate orange trees complete its statuesque picture. On the right, a residential pool house built like a conservatory proves that sometimes classic and romantic is the way to go.

Glass House

What once was a tired pool inside a leaky, glass structure became this pristine, renovated pool house. During the day, the sun echoes upon the glass making the pool gleam and at night, the lights illuminate the water in a magical way. Plus, you can’t beat the fireplace, hot tub and lounge area inside.

Heavenly Hamptons

French doors, boxwood plants, and sea-inspired decor embody Hamptons style and sophistication. This white-washed pool house looks like an ideal place to hang on luxurious, long summer days.

Contemporary Coolness
A modern pool house in Amagansett, NY designed by iCrave and pho

via iCrave

Sometimes it seems like the heat will never give, but the indoor-outdoor design of this Amagansett pool house keeps us feeling cool. With its wide open doors and airy, white curtains, we can just imagine the warm summer breeze that flows through the space.

Preppy Perfection & Rustic Simplicity

Tory Burch’s sophisticated pool house is an example of preppy design at its finest. Intricate latticework and subtle pops of blue add visual interest to the complementary black-and-white color scheme. On the right, a barn serves as the pool house at a Connecticut estate. Whitewashed wood and jewel-toned windows make for a laidback lounge area.

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