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11 Super Stylish Backyard Hangouts

By: Olivia Bae

August 29, 2017

Image via Rue Magazine

Because backyards are commonly based at the rear end of the home, it’s easy to forget about them altogether. But remember: a backyard is more than just a convenient place to store a grill. Your ordinary outdoor area has the potential to be transformed into a paradisiacal playground. So, from backyards with chic open bars to posh ones that resemble resorts, we’ve gathered 11 backyard play spaces that make us never want to leave home.

Wine & Dine
These modern backyard bars are the ultimate play spaces for adults to throw a home cocktail party in.

Image via Cereal Magazine // Domino

Fancy a drink after dinner? From sparkling wines to fruity mimosas, you can fix up ambrosial alcoholic beverages for both you and your friends at these dreamy backyard bars. Convert your home tavern into a cheerful café and snack bar for younger guests.

Laid Back Cool

Outdoor leisure has never been comfier. Upgrade your prosaic backyard into an outdoor oasis like these by adding staple furnishings and bold decorative accents. Lean back and listen to your favorite tunes while swinging on a hanging chair or plop against a cushy outdoor daybed for an afternoon snooze.

Summer Holiday
On the left is a serene backyard paradise with a cozy bench and wooden canopy with white draperies. On the right is a summer party scene with a giant flamingo float.

Images via Laurel & Wolf

These home retreats are tempting us to throw one last summer party before temperatures drop! Whether you host an intimate soirée underneath a majestic wooden canopy or have a tanning session by the pool, we hope you take full advantage of the warm weather.

Snug Shelters

Who says small-scale backyards have to become drab storage spaces? We can imagine doing our morning yoga routine in the zen botanical backyard on the left and having homemade avocado toast for brunch in the dining set-up on the right.

Home Cinema
This backyard movie theater equipped with dainty hanging lights, warm candles, and snug blankets is the perfect place to relax with your loved ones.

Images via Laurel & Wolf

Invite your friends and loved ones over for a festive movie night! This backyard home theater is cozy and welcoming with warm candles, dainty hanging lights, and snug blankets. Don’t forget to grab popcorn and drinks as well as a plump pillow to lay your head on (just in case you fall asleep).

Flares of Style
These fiery chic backyards with modern fire pits are the new hip camping grounds.

Image via Houzz // MyDomaine

These deluxe backyards double as the ultimate urban camping grounds. With a flaming modern fire pit just beyond the backdoor, you can roast s’mores and stargaze all night long without worrying about the cold.

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