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12 Adorable Shared Bedrooms

By: Sarah Beaumont

April 10, 2017

Image via Lonny

Oh, the joys of siblinghood — hand-me-down clothes, fights over toys, and sharing just about everything. We all know that “sharing is caring” but if you grew up with siblings or have multiple kids yourself, then you realize just how hard it can be. No kid wants to split their bedroom with another, but these whimsical and playful designs make it look pretty easy.

Rooms with Wings

Sharing a bedroom isn’t so bad when your room has wings. Birds take flight against wallpaper that stretches to the ceiling in these playful yet traditional kid’s rooms.

Big & Little

A room filled with happy woodland creatures, light colors, plush stuffed animals and storytime materials is perfect for a toddler and baby sibling pair.

Shop the Look:

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Jenny Lind Bed, Land of Nod, $399-$699

2. Indoor + Outdoor Rug, Land of Nod, $129-$399

3. Kite (Mint) Wallpaper, Clever Spaces, $103.50/roll

4. Whimsy Whimsical Wall Art (Set of 4), Land of Nod, $64

Clubhouse Cool

With curtains around each bed, the boy’s room on the left can easily transform into two separate secret hangouts. Bunkbeds placed askew makes for more space to romp around.

Minimal Style, Maximum Fun

Not every kid’s space needs to be packed with childish patterns and bold colors. This space goes chic, minimal, and modern, but cute animals, bright art, and fun toys are still a necessity.

Shop the Look:
12 Adorable Shared Bedrooms

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Pint Sized Table and Chairs, Land of Nod, $199

2. Life Preserver Throw Pillow, Land of Nod, $29

3. Bold Type Flag Letters, Land of Nod, $3 each

4. Braxton Orange Area Rug, Wayfair, $71.99-$238.32

Pink Patten Power

Lots of pink in a girl’s room doesn’t always mean princess-themed decor. Zenned out in bohemian bliss, the space on the left pops with eclectic patterns. On the right, bold blue, vibrant fuschia, and a hint of yellow create a preppier vibe.

Shop the Look:

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Pink Stripe Throw Pillow, Target, $18.74 & Cream Solid Throw Pillow, Target, $18.74

2. 6-Light Crystal Chandelier, Wayfair, $125.99

3. Woven Round Basket, Target, $34.99

4. Tassel Comforter Set, Target, $27.99

Stripes & Shapes

This room fit for four is basically a lesson in geometry. We love the way they’ve maximized play space by keeping the beds up against the wall.

Slumber Party Style

Nothing beats sleeping in a set of big bunk beds that are dressed as comfy as a cloud. On the right, three vintage bed frames and camp-themed decor make this room feel like a slumber party 24/7.

Shop the Look:
12 Adorable Shared Bedrooms

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Luxe Raincloud Mobile, Land of Nod, $105

2. Teepee Cushion, Clever Spaces, $80

3. Cloud Throw Pillow, Land of Nod, $19

4. Dino Charming Creatures Decor, Land of Nod, $49


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