13 Ice Cold Designs to Keep You Cool in the Heat

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 17, 2016

Image by Ralph Feiner for Condé Nast Traveller

When it’s cold we crave the heat, and when it’s hot we crave the cold. Is there any happy medium? Maybe not, but when those August temps rise above 90-degrees, it helps to imagine that we’re romping through a frozen tundra of snow in an icy cold location. From ski chalets in the Swiss Alps to igloos in Alaska, these are the wintry destinations that we’re dreaming of right now as we suffer through the August heat.

 Alpine Charm

Iceland is currently one of the coolest places to visit (pun intended). And we’ve got our eye on Ion, a luxury adventure hotel where you can take a dip in the jacuzzi while watching the Northern Lights play against the snowcapped mountains. Heading to a charming cabin in Norway to tromp through the snowy fields sounds like a pretty chill trip, too.

Chalet Luxury
13 Ice Cold Designs to Keep You Cool in the Heat, Laurel & Wolf, via Luxe db

via Luxedb

Having played host to both royalty and celebrities alike, Chalet Zermatt Peak in the Swiss Alps is the ultimate luxurious winter escape. Who wouldn’t love cozying up in this lush space after a long day of skiing?

Modern Cabin Style

On the left, architect William O’Brien Jr‘s winter vacation home in upstate New York puts a modern spin on the cozy cabin look. With its wood-burning stove and large windows, the sustainable house on the right seems like the perfect place to curl up and watch the snow fall over the forest.

Chic Peaks

Chalet Le R in the French ski village of Courchevel is a contemporary alpine retreat with all the amenities imaginable. Thanks to its white-washed walls and sleek furnishings, we can feel the frigid chill from across the Atlantic.

Winter Wonderland

We wouldn’t mind being trapped in a freezing cold snow globe if it contained this quaint blue house in Sweden. On the right, an a-frame cabin provides a picture-perfect seasonal setting.

Ice-Capped Igloo

Alaska is known for its icy temps and igloos. And when the summer heat is this intense, sleeping in an igloo sounds like the perfect remedy.

Canadian Cool

In our current sweaty state, we’re dreaming of hanging out at Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia or sitting on the ski lift-inspired porch swing of this modern barn house in Quebec.

Arctic Chill

Firm believers that the cold is cleansing, Sweden’s ice hotel is open all year round, offering chilling adventures and icy activities every day. If summer is too hot for you to handle, there’s a frosty bed waiting for you in Sweden.

Glacial Views

Carefully constructed from planks of pine, Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has created a pair of houses that offer sweeping views of the snowy alps. Just imagine the heavenly, bone-chilling breeze that blows against that balcony.

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