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12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

By: Casey Gerber

June 17, 2015

We get it. Desk jobs can be a little draining, especially if your desk is lacking in personal touch. Chances are your cubicle doesn’t resemble those spacious home offices you’ve ogled on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have style and personality!

We’re here to tell you that the days of the boring cubicle are over. Making your office space just as inspired as your home will only enhance your productivity and make the day go by faster. Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with it! Adorn your desk with chic decorative items, gadgets and gizmos, and of course, a few comforts of the home. We call it: the unconventional cubicle.

Scroll through to check out the simple ways you can revamp your office space!

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12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

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1. Get Artsy

In a clean, white office space like this one, colorful art prints, pink tulips, and a large house plant stand out.

If your eyes fall on a Matisse every time you glance at your computer screen, you can almost imagine you’re at a museum rather than the office. Or make your desktop wallpaper an artfully designed motivational phrase to keep you going all day, everyday.

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12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

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2. Go Green 

Succulents require little work and always add life to a space. If you really don’t want to worry about taking care of anything, fake plants work great, too. And remember, the cooler the pot or planter, the better your desk will look!

3. Brighten Up

12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

Working late? A desk lamp is crucial for keeping you awake as you grind away when everyone else has gone home. After all, your work can only ever be as good as your lighting.

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12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

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4. Stay Organized

What came first, the messy desk or the messy mind? Either way, nix both by getting desk-top office supply organizers or wall pockets in fun colors and modern designs.

5. Keep it Cozy

It’s impossible to get anything done when the office is FREEZING. You might want to add a pillow too for optimal comfort and back support. Just try not to fall asleep.

6. Get Kitschy With It 

Those kitschy figurines you can’t bare to part with? Breakup the workday monotony by putting them on your desk! They’ll add a pop of fun personal flair to your workspace, plus they’re a good conversation starter.


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12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

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7. Be a Boss

12 Simple and Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office

Finally become the boss you were born to be with chic desk accessories like a to-do list that’s more playful than stressful.

8. Update Your Inspiration 

A cork board of pinned photos and clippings is a prime way to let your creativity flourish and add a little personality to your space. Or keep a pile of magazines and books close by to leaf through when you need a creativity boost.

9. Create Positive Vibes 

If you believe in the healing powers of crystals, keeping one or two on your desk might help improve your work flow. They also make excellent, luxe paperweights.

10. Feel the Burn

If you’re allowed to burn candles in your office, DO IT. Scents are powerful meditators, but can also help enliven your senses. Plus, your favorite scent will make you feel right at home in the office.

11. Elevate Your Work 

A white office can look one dimensional and boring without botanical accents or desk decor.

Most of us have a tendency to hunch over our computers while working. Elevating your laptop will help keep your back and neck straight and make your desk look even cooler.

12. Go Old School

Sure you keep track of your schedule in your meticulously curated iCal, but writing dates down in a physical calendar will ensure nothing goes forgotten. Plus real calendars elicit an aura of professionalism and command respect!


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