15 Works of Art That Have Us Amped Up for the Beach

By: Sarah Beaumont

June 3, 2016

Sun’s out, guns out – beach season is here! If you’ve spent any time at an oceanside vacation rental, you’ve probably seen your fair share of cheesy beach decor–think driftwood Margaritaville signs–but that doesn’t mean your coastal cottage has to be cheesy too. From shabby chic shacks to modern bohemian abodes, these coastal-inspired works of art will have every kind of vacation space dressed for a stylish summer.

Abstract Beach Art

The beauty of abstract art is its ability to blend seamlessly with just about any style of space. We think these expressive pieces would work as well with the clean lines and contemporary design of a white-hot Miami condo as they would in an old school Hamptons mansion. These abstracts say “beach” without beating you over the head with it.

Beach Photography

The beach isn’t all sunshine and sand. For many, the vast, ever-flowing ocean is what gets them in the mood to splash around.  Whether positioned as a large-scale statement piece in an entryway or as an accent to a gallery wall, this photograph by Ian Baguskas is just waiting to be hung in a surf shack by the sea.

Shot in a melancholy style similar to her sister Sofia’s femme fatale films, this photograph by Gia Coppola has ‘L.A. lady’ written all over it. Whoever this mysterious, sunbathing woman is, she has us in the mood to catch some rays. Picture this piece above a midcentury modern sofa in a sunny SoCal space.

Figurative Beach Art

We love a good portrait on our gallery walls. And these pieces range in style from Wes Anderson-style quirk to abstract and painterly to pop-arty.

Hyper-Detailed Beach Photography


We’re not bashing seashell décor or anything — by all means, incorporate seashells into your coastal space — but if you’re going to display them on the wall, opt for something a little more unique. This photo-research art print detailing the surface and x-ray of a shell adds a little edge to traditional beach house décor. If you want to display a collection of ocean finds, a piece by Jennifer Steen Booher organizes them in a beautiful, modern manner.

Beach Pop Art
15 Works of Art That Have Us Amped Up for the Beach, Laurel & Wolf, Beach_Art_3

Left: Beach; Right: Woah (Both available via Society6)

Want your summer with a pop of color? These playful prints embody the carefree nature of summer time with their bright colors and, on the right, 80s-style vibes.

Retro Beach Art

Pop the Beach Boys on your record player then drive down the coast in a 1950s red Cadillac convertible, because these beachy works are made for those who prefer to hit the sand in a retro bathing suit. Let’s just say that Marilyn Monroe would be proud to see these prints hanging on the walls of your coastal locale.

Landscape Beach Art

Gray Malin’s wildly famous overhead shots of beaches around the world have popped up in homes from Bombay to Baltimore. Buy a large-scale print and make this a sunny focal point in any room.

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