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2017 Trend Report: Iridescent Decor Is In

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 18, 2016

Image via Sight Unseen. Photo by Nicolas Genta for Grande Edition.

Comparable to the luminous interior of a seashell or the glossy sheen of an oil slick, iridescent designs are suddenly cropping up everywhere. Contemporary designers have taken to using rainbow-tinged acrylic while decor brands are glowing with pearly pillows and holographic dishware. A little bit alien and out-of-this-world, we predict the iridescent trend will take our homes straight into the future in 2017.

Holographic Walls

At the nHow Music Hotel in Berlin, brightly tinted acrylics create a dynamic decor experience that makes you feel like you’ve landed on another planet. If you want your place to look like the inside of a disco ball mixed with the sets of 2001: A Space Odyssey, you can coat your walls in iridescent wallpaper, like Sarah Moffat’s hologram foil seen on the right.

Opalescent Ombres

Velvet + ombre + iridescent equals a trend lover’s dream come true. In case you’re not quite ready to commit to the all-over iridescent look, these throw pillows add just a glimmer of a sherbert-toned glow to your space.

Designer Iridescence

Light and ethereal, Patricia Urquiola’s shimmer collection for Glas Italia shows off its colorways through curving shapes and simple compositions. No matter what kind of space they sit in, these pieces light up a room.

Not only did Tom Dixon release an entire collection of iridescent decor, but he also designed a series of limited-edition apartments and a restaurant in London that masterfully exhibit the trend. Paired with dramatic hues, sleek lines and modern furnishings, the acrylic-walled staircases create a full-spectrum rainbow effect that carries throughout the apartment. If you’re not quite ready for Jetson’s style with this futuristic look, embrace the trend through some of Dixon’s smaller pieces, like the candles and vases above.

Prismatic Lighting

Almost like a lava lamp, this prismatic lamp radiates with a vibrant glow. The only difference is it can display nearly every color imaginable through its optical glass diamond structure. Although it’s more of an art object than a functional light, at only 3 watts, it has energy efficient iridescence down.

Oil-Slicked Accessories

Make your next dinner party even brighter with a set of electroplated flatware. Geometric vases in glowing, organic shades are a perfect high-sheen accessory.

Glass with Gorgeous Glare

Sleek, kaleidoscopic glass meets weighted black marble in these angular furniture designs. When placed against light colored backdrops and floors, Grande Edition’s tables create vibrant colorways similar to stained glass.

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