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3 Outdoor Spaces Inspired by Our Favorite Vacation Destinations

By: Sarah Beaumont

July 13, 2017

We get it — being present where you are is important. But on occasion, we all long to be some place we’re not. Just imagine if you could walk out of your office and suddenly be in Tulum. Or wouldn’t it be great if you could spend every weekend in the Hamptons? Sigh, if only there were a simpler way to travel.

Now there is! We had our resident designer James Tabb create outdoor spaces to reflect three of our favorite summer destinations. From a boho beach town to dreamy Provence, traveling within your own backyard has never been easier.


Provence, France

In this dreamy outdoor scene, vibrant throw pillows in yellow, cerulean, and salmon tones are paired with fresh, Mediterranean plants like kumquats, lavender, and ficus trees in clay planters.

It’s hard to beat the beauty of Provence, especially when it comes to design. For this outdoor oasis, James drew inspiration from the tiny city of Cassis in the South of France.

“I wanted to recreate the terrain so I used lots of Mediterranean plants found in the region like kumquats, lavender and ficus trees,” James says. “They’re all potted in clay planters reminiscent of the terracotta roofs there.” To echo the brightly painted buildings in the area, James used vibrant throw pillows in yellow, cerulean and salmon tones.

The cement bench and neutral stone tiles allow vibrant throw pillows to stand out. The distressed wood dining table adds warmth to this elegant scene.

“The cement bench and stone tiles are reminiscent of the limestone streets that run narrowly between all of the historic buildings in Cassis. And the food is particular to the area too,” he says. “When you vacation in Cassis, it’s all delicious meats and cheeses, amazing rosé and fruit plates.”

Tulum, Mexico

This grand canopy with white canvas draperies is the perfect place to simply relax and enjoy some down-time.

Tulum is the embodiment of boho beachy style. “I wanted to keep the vibe for this design feeling light and coastal so the canopy has a sort of nautical feel to it with the rope and canvas drapery,” James says.

A rattan sofa and basket, stylish, wooden tables, and handmade, patterned textiles exude boho beachy style.

He also included natural wood elements like a rattan sofa and basket, pairing them with tables that resemble driftwood you might find on the beach. Soft, neutral tones paired with handmade, patterned textiles native to the region give the outdoor space authenticity.

“I wanted to create a very spa-like feel with light, airy colors, but I also wanted to make sure it felt like a beach locale in Mexico, so I made sure to include artisan style decor and a few coastal accessories like coral,” Jame says.

The Hamptons

This heavenly luncheon is complete with bistro chairs, fresh botanical accents, and hints of blue and yellow hues.

Summertime in the Hamptons means sun, sea, and lots of lavish lunches. To echo the coastal-chic style and lively vibes of the seaside town, we crafted a dream luncheon, complete with bistro chairs, natural accents, hints of blue, and plenty of mimosas. “If you’re attending parties and events in the Hamptons during the summer, everywhere you go will have a perfectly styled tablescape. I really wanted to recreate that elegant dining experience,” James says.

We’ll take a one-way ticket to any of these outdoor spaces.



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