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4 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

By: Olivia Bae

January 31, 2018

Whether you moved into a small studio close to your parents or relocated to the city of your dreams, living on your own can be intimidating. As soon as you sign your name on the dotted line of your lease or mortgage (eek!), an inescapable weight of responsibility can set it. But before you lose your cool and panic sets in, remember: a home of your own is a real moment to celebrate! So, pop the Champagne and congratulate yourself on this major accomplishment.

To make this transition a little less complicated, we’re sharing a list of four crucial things every adult should have in their home.

Set the Table

4 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

Give away that old collection of mismatched silverware that got you through college and invest in some dinner-party-ready essentials that express your personal style. Note: this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money! There are some great, affordable (and chic!) tableware options, for example, at CB2 and Cost Plus World Market.

Time to Entertain

4 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

Image via Robson Rak

As an adult, networking is crucial. Whether you’re a rookie starting out in your career or an established senior executive, building and maintaining relationships is everything. The next person you meet at a company event might become your mentor. She may even end up being a reference for your next job opportunity! So, as you forge new connections with your boss and coworkers, take the initiative to invite them into your home. This means you’ll need a few living room essentials, including a comfy sofa, chairs and a coffee table. This doesn’t all have to happen at once! If you purchase furniture through Laurel & Wolf, you’ll get access to the lowest prices and exclusive deals from your favorite brands.

Tidy Up

4 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

Start and end your day germ-free. No one is responsible for you or your bathroom. Be sure to devote some time in your busy schedule to organizing and tidying up your home spa. With a neat and pristine self-care zone, getting ready in the morning and preparing for bedtime at night will be a breeze. Bring in stylish storage baskets, scented candles, and framed art to add flair and elevate the mood.

Work It

4 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

Last but certainly not least, design a beautiful and functional home office. Everyone should have an inspiring workspace at home that will motivate and provide inspiration. You’ll spend countless days and nights perfecting your résumé, drafting presentations, and fine-tuning personal passion projects, so having a room that induces positivity and productivity is crucial. Consider investing in a quality Eames desk chair to support your back during the occasional all-nighter. Incorporate your favorite accents such as fresh flowers, mini sculptures, and gorgeous wall art to spark creativity and energize you.

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