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5 Design Trends We’re Tired Of (and What We’re Doing Instead)

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 15, 2016

Image via One Kings Lane

Bellbottoms come in, they give rise to the boyfriend jean, then the mom jean, then the skinny. And then back to bellbottoms all over again. Our homes are just as vulnerable to the whims of trends. The key is to not be a slave to them.

So with that in mind, we give you the design trends that we’re ready to grow out of (and what you should replace them with…for now).

Retired Trend: BLUSH

Blush has been around the block and back. Deemed the “new neutral” this light pink hue appears everywhere from walls to throw pillows and duvets. It’s minimal and chic, but we’re ready for something a bit more daring.


Enter a deeper and moodier color palette. Pink tones are becoming darker and dustier and the light, bright pastels of the past year are being swapped for jewel tones. Think deep emerald paired with ice blue and charcoal-tinged plum.

Retired Trend: CHEVRON

At this point, it seems like every house we enter has a chevron printed textile somewhere. This geometric pattern has been great for adding graphic interest to our spaces, but it’s time for something new.


When the world feels a bit messy, it’s time for patterns to follow suit.  Think marbleized or painterly rugs that look like they’ve been splashed and stained with bold color and textiles that riff on Matisse’s cut-outs. These prints are fluid, loose and ready to breathe new life into interiors.


If there are any two elements that signify you’re in a trendy space, it’s reclaimed wood and industrial light fixtures. And although we admit there’s something appealingly romantic about an Edison bulb flickering over a reclaimed wood dining table, its pervasiveness has made it lose its spark.


Traditional design can get a bad rap for being stuffy and dated. But a fresh twist on traditionalism is emerging. Neo-traditional design takes a cue from modern minimalism, but keeps the symmetry, color and silhouettes of traditional design. So you might see a chinoiserie vase next to a mantis-style sconce. This look is sophisticated-cool at its finest.

Retired Trend: MACRAME

If you search “macrame wall hangings” on Etsy, you’ll come up with over 4,000 results. They’re the Coachella outfit of home decor, decorating the walls of practically every boho-chic space we’ve seen. Though the macrame weaving technique has been used for everything from pillows to lampshades, we’re specifically ready to see the wall hangings go in lieu of a new, crafty art piece, of course.


Mobiles — they’re not just for kids anymore! Often made from small pieces of brass, these hanging art pieces add unexpected interest and whimsy to a space.

Retired Trend: ROSE GOLD

Some years interior decorators favor silver. Other times it’s gold (and brass). But every now and then copper and rose gold pop up to say hi. And while we’ve enjoyed their metallic reign, this statement maker has become the pumpkin spice latte of interior design.


Classic black is always unbeatable. And with a matte finish, it gets a dose of serious edge. Matte black hardware has been around for a while, but now we’re watching it show up on countertops and floors. This material blends well with the emerging neo-traditional design trend, so we expect to see a lot of it in the next year.

What trends are you ready to retire? And what trends do you think have staying power?

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