5 Fashion Week Trends to Take to Your Interiors

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 17, 2017

Fashion and interior design are like two close friends who like to copy each other’s outfits. When one is favoring neutrals over vibrant colors, the other is too. So as you might imagine, there were lots of trends walking the runways at New York Fashion Week that we’re already picturing in our homes. From rich colors and luxe fabrics to bold statements that echo world affairs, these are the looks to take to your living room.

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A lot of people have a lot to say about the current political climate. But designers at NYFW let their clothes do the talking with call-to-action tees and inspiring slogans that remind us we’re all in this together. Get the look at home with politically-driven art and eclectic decor that speak your message loud and clear.

Shearling Neutrals

Fluffy shearling was all over the runway this week, which is good news because it’s one of our favorite warm winter materials for the home. When translating to your space, fling a (faux) sheepskin throw over a sleek, modern chair and turn to the minimal palettes and organic accents of Scandinavian design.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange tones were abundant on the fall runways, meaning we can expect this retro shade to make an appearance in our homes too. Whether brought in through velvet, suede, rust-colored paint, or even a rich camel leather, this toasty persimmon is the perfect shade to give a little warmth to our spaces.

Puffer Power

We already know that the puffer jacket is back, but this look isn’t just for your winter wardrobe. With the rise of athleisure in fashion, sporty style is slowly coming into the home. Channel tufts are the more glamorous counterpart of this trend, but the super comfy Togo sofa, which has recently surged in popularity, is clearly the puffy coat of the furniture world.

Velvet Embellishments

Velvet is once again all the rage for fall, but this time it’s being paired with a wider variety of embellishments, creating a look that mixes the Italian Renaissance with the opulence of Indian maharajas. Follow suit in the home with Baroque patterns and rich textures. But opt for velvet in brighter, more contemporary shades like the ever popular blush pink.

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