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8 Amazing House Boats With Great Design

By: Olivia Bae

August 24, 2017

Image via Oshatz

Imagine waking up every morning to an Instagram-worthy view of the horizon and the fresh smell of the ocean wafting your way. If this sounds like something you’ve daydreamed about a million times, life by the shore might be what your heart truly desires.

So whether you rent a house boat and take a well-deserved vacay to Bali or begin a refreshing new life by the bay, it’s good to know that great design can be achieved afloat. From remodeled boats that are seamless and modern to luxe rentals filled with character, we’ve rounded up 6 floating homes that have both engine power and style.

Contemporary Cool Waters

This modernized house boat is the floating epitome of effortless cool. We can just imagine lounging around in this serene, polished den with a book in one hand and a warm cup of earl grey in the other.

Boho Chic Cruisin’
Enter this boho-inspired house boat and you’ll be surprised to see it decked out in earthy colors and patterns. On the left, a faux-fur rug, golden pendant lighting, and patterned beddings spruce up the white walls. On the right are fresh house plants, flowers, a vintage bar cart, and wooden furnishings.

Image via Refinery29

You won’t be missing land while sailing around in this beauty. Dark hardwood floors, fresh house plants and flowers, and earthy amber hues can be found in this vibrant boho-inspired vessel.

Nautical Tradition Meets Scandinavian Simplicity

This charming living room feels more cozy than confined. The curved ceiling gives off the familiar illusion of a farmhouse-style roof while a shabby low pile rug and sofas with nautical patterns exude homey vibes.

Ships Ahoy

A true sailor isn’t afraid to pair pastel blue with distressed wood. After all, you can’t go on a voyage without the ocean waves brushing against the rustic exteriors of a ship! Equipped with chic pendant lights, floating shelves, and vintage furnishings, this house boat is a worthy sanctuary for any mariner.

Sailing Cottage
This warm house boat reminds us of a cottage in the woods with its wooden dining table, hardwood floors, and house plants.

Image via HGTV

If Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lived on a house boat, we imagine it looking a little like this. Dining in this floating haven might conjure fond memories of going to summer camp in the woods or visiting your grandparents’ cottage in the countryside.

Floating Luxury
Sail away to a paradise island of your dreams in this luxurious house boat with streamlined, modern furniture and contemporary large-scale art.

Image via HomeAway

If crossing “houseboat” off your ‘To-Buy’ list is not likely anytime soon, don’t worry! Luxe house boats like this one are often available as short-term rentals. Indulge in pure tranquility by treating yourself to an overnight getaway on the sparkling seas.

Captain’s Ship
The brown leather butterfly chair and wooden furnishings complement the dusty gray interiors and hardwood floors in this chic house boat

Image via Stylist

Move aside dull studios and one-bedrooms, this industrial-inspired house boat is the new hip man cave. Even Captain Hook and his clever parrot sidekick will unwind in this chic watercraft.

Shabby Sailing
This vintage modern house boat is equipped with a shabby hammock, woven rug, and serene open bar.

Image via Stylist

If floating around in the ocean with adorable marine creatures isn’t relaxing enough, take a sweet nap in this shabby hammock. With a beautiful open bar on site, you can celebrate the beginning and end of your voyage in style with a glass of Champagne.


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