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6 Chic (and Easy) Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

By: Jenn Aspinwall

March 12, 2018

Image via The Jungalow

Ready to shake off the winter blues and brighten up your space? Nothing freshens up an interior like something that’s well, actually fresh. Adding a little greenery to a room adds color, charm and life. And guess what? You don’t need a single green thumb to pull it off. Bring in a few of these easy-to-care-for gems and see your space—and your mood—transform.

Air Plants

6 Chic (and Easy) Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

If living things typically die in your care, air plants are the perfect gateway plant. Their maintenance includes a weekly rinse and that’s about it. They require no soil, either, so there’s no messy potting and repotting required. With that kind of versatility, air plants are a dream to display. Stick them in wire frames to create a living work of art, use them to create simple terrariums, or pop them into a mix of cute geometric holders.

Snake Plants

6 Chic (and Easy) Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Images via A House in the Hills / Leaf and June

With an unusually upright presence, the snake plant (also interestingly known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”) makes a statement. Its size may make it seem daunting for beginners, but the snake plant does well in just about any light and can go for up to a month without water. We love it in a clean, midcentury planter, but use your imagination. Snake plants look great from floor to bedside tables in whatever style of planter strikes your fancy.


6 Chic (and Easy) Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

The cactus had a moment in 2017, appearing on runways and textiles galore. But don’t fear the trend—putting this real-life plant in your home never goes out of style. Cacti bring a quirky, joyful vibe to any space and adapt well to life indoors. They come in all kinds of varieties and sizes, too. Go big with a saguaro cactus in the corner of your living room, or cluster smaller ones in mismatched mini pots to style a dresser or entryway table.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

6 Chic (and Easy) Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Feeling bold? The fiddle leaf fig tree can add a whole lot of green to your space, growing more than eight feet tall. We love the sculptural statement it makes in a room, which makes it the perfect companion to an equally statement-making pot. As for care, it’s so easy: fiddle leaf figs need watering once a week and plenty of indirect sunlight (placement near a window will do).

String of Pearls

Meet nature’s version of a beaded necklace. The string of pearls is an eye-catching choice for your interior, with its cascading leaves that grow into little marble-like balls. Experts recommend hanging baskets for display, and we’re happy to oblige. A colorful macramé or leather plant hanger would be our choice du jour. Maintenance wise, you’re looking at a plant that needs a lot of light, but minimal watering.

Pothos Plants

Behold, the indestructible vine. Some say the pothos is the most unkillable plant to grow indoors. It doesn’t need much light—in fact, it loves a windowless room. A pothos vine can grow…and grow…and grow, making it ideal perched atop a partial wall, bookshelf or even a loft floor. And there’s a bonus to bringing one of these beauties into your space: it’s one of the best plants for purifying the air.

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