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6 Rooms Inspired by Our Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 23, 2017

There are few things in life that bring us more joy than really good food. But if we had to name anything, it would probably be our home. So, why not bring the two together? Behold, our favorite Thanksgiving dishes paired with rooms that are equally as delicious, design wise.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes + A Laid-back, Modern Living Room

We’re not sure if any design element could possibly match the fluffy texture of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes smothered in butter, garlic, and a dab of gravy. But with its shag rug, soft leathers, and pops of herbal plant life, we think this living room comes pretty close.

Glazed Turkey + A Lustrous Dining Area

Although everyone secretly likes the mashed potatoes best, the turkey is the main course of a Thanksgiving feast. It’s not unlike the orange-hued dining room table, which acts as the main feature in the open living space above. Accented by a bit of greenery and tabletop embellishments, we would happily enjoy our turkey seated around this complementary table.

Cranberries + A Rouge-Splashed Bedroom

When you’re craving an extra splash of flavor, cranberries are there to add a decadent hint of sweet and sour zest to your Thanksgiving feast. Despite its minimal style, the bedroom on the right gets the same touch of flavor thanks to a crimson patterned rug and a pair of eclectic red throw pillows.

Pumpkin Pie + A Refreshingly Cozy Sitting Room

Forget dinner, it’s the pie we really want. This rich, pumpkin-spiced dessert is to the buttery leather sofa what a dollop of whipped cream is to the white rug and throw pillows in the room on the right — the perfect companions for a tasty treat.

Stuffing + A Snug Nursery

Remember when your parents would force you to eat stuffing on Thanksgiving even though you found it repulsive? When you’re a kid, sometimes you have no choice, which is why this well-seasoned dish sits beside a nursery. With its array of colorful ingredients, stuffing is the perfect comfort food to match the textured layers and patterns in this cozy corner.

Sweet Potato Casserole + A Snug Scandinavian Space

Parquet floors and the textured, pecan coating of a sweet potato casserole make quite the pair. And with an orange fire blazing, this Scandinavian space is an ideal match for a toasty, sweet potato side dish.

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