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6 Rooms Inspired By Our Favorite Halloween Candy

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 27, 2017

Right image via Design Sponge; Photography by Nikole Ramsay

Some rooms have bohemian flair while others tend towards traditional style. There are homes with tall, hauntingly beautiful halls and some with charming, snug corners. And then there are those that are simply as sweet as candy (our personal favorites). If you’re more into the treats than the tricks when it comes to Halloween, then you’ll want a taste of these candy-inspired spaces.

 Reese’s Cups

With every bite of a rich, creamy Reese’s Cup, we feel a little bit closer to this cozy peanut butter and chocolate swirled sitting room.


If a “nerdy” home means one packed with vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and cool, collected knick-knacks, then you can call us, and our spaces nerds any day.

Junior Mints

You know that melt-in-your-mouth feeling you get when you eat a Junior Mint? Well, this impeccably styled office gives us that melt-in-our-hearts kind of feeling when we imagine working here every day.

Candy Corn

You either love it or hate it, but this Halloween staple is a true classic. And this home? Proof that a candy corn-inspired color scheme isn’t as strange as it sounds.

Caramel Apple Pops

Kids may go crazy for caramel apple pops, but adults go even crazier for a smooth camel leather couch and a lush fiddle leaf fig plant.

Pink Starburst

If blush is your favorite home decor color, then we’re guessing that pink is your favorite starburst flavor. (Honestly, do any other flavors even compare?)

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