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6 Treehouses With Serious Style

By: Olivia Bae

September 4, 2017

Image via Houzz

From little ones in their terrible-twos to full grown adults in their 30s, a treehouse is a beloved playground for all. Inside the cozy wooden walls, our stress levels plummet and our imaginations run wild. We feel a sense of detachment from the rest of the busy world (goodbye morning traffic!) and enter our own realm of blissful relaxation and adventure. So, from rustic treehouses that are just a few feet above the ground to modern and remodeled ones high up in the air, we’ve rounded up 6 magnificent treehouses that can double as homes and luxurious retreats.

Rustic Resort

Talk about a major spa treatment! This enchanting treehouse is a premier getaway destination for weary souls looking to get some intimate one-on-one time with Mother Nature. Rinse all of your worries away under this man-made waterfall unabashedly out in the open, and unwind by a toasty rotating fireplace.

Rural Oasis
Can you believe this den is a treehouse? Enter this rustic oasis and you will find a home bar and movie theater.

Image via Blue Forest

Behold, a lavish oasis in the woods made for serious chill time. Snuggle up to your significant other on the comfy semicircular sofa as you watch your favorite romantic comedy film, or sip a glass of wine while looking out to the forest. The high farmhouse-style ceiling and tall windows make this wooden loft airy and spacious.

Cozy Villa
On the left, a comfy gray couch with textured throw pillows lies underneath coffered wooden ceilings. A sleek wooden staircase leads you to a serene bedroom with white beddings and a floating bedside table.

Images via House & Garden

Warm wood and contemporary furnishings have never looked this good paired together. The smooth, coffered ceilings made out of distressed wood add a whole lot of warmth and depth to this wooden den while blue hues in the common area and bedroom pop out.

Modern Treehouse
This is the chicest modern treehouse we’ve ever laid our eyes on. The leather chairs with animal hides on the left and faux bois patterned quilts on the right boost the level of sophistication in the home.

Images via Treehotel

Peek inside a modern treehouse that really brings the outdoors in. Faux bois patterned quilts reference the towering trees outside, floor-to-ceiling windows frame postcard views, and soft textures like leather and animal hide soften the clean architectural lines.

New Playhouse
In the living room on the left, wooden walls meet velvet furnishings and eclectic patterns. On the right, a white sectional couch enhances the colorful area rug and striped wallpaper.

Images via Elle Decor // LA Times

While the shabby, plain treehouses that we played in as children will always have a special place in our hearts, we’re ready to move on to upgraded versions with superior design and comfort. These insanely beautiful treehouses are perfect examples, fully furnished with snug seating, eclectic boho style and a fun mix of patterns.


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