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7 Creative Uni-Sex Nursery Ideas

By: Casey Gerber

April 24, 2014

When you find out you’re expecting, creating a beautiful nursery is at the top of the to-do list. While there is no shortage of nursery themes to choose from, many parents today are opting to create gender neutral nurseries. Here’s a look at a few nurseries that caught our eye.


1) Napping in Neutrals- The nursery belongs to a set of twins. Multiple births are becoming much more common. This calming neutral nursery is fit for a prince or princess to share.

Unisex Nursery Idea

Designed by: Susan Hutchinson from Fleurishing 


2) Exciting & Eclectic- This nursery is bold, playing with different colors, patterns, and textures. This lucky baby’s surroundings are far from boring!

Unisex Nursery Idea

Spearmint Baby


3) Genial Grey- This sophisticated color scheme is sure to foster a world traveler. What adult wouldn’t envy this nursery room? Bonus, the darker color will even help encourage nap time.

Uni Sex Nursery Ideas

Elements Of Style

4) Going Green- Green and yellow were the go to colors when parents didn’t know what gender they were expecting. Here is a contemporary take using a green color palette.  

Unisex Nursery Idea



5) Monochromatic- This glamorous nursery belongs to Mario Lopez’s son Dominic. Designed by Mary Bauer, of Bratt Décor. This room is certainly fit for a future celeb.

Unisex Nursery Idea

Project Nursery

6) Mellow Yellow- Soft and playful. To avoid getting creating a scheme that is too overwhelming use a combination of creams, soft and medium yellows, and accents of gold.

Unisex Nursery Idea

Project Nursery

7) All White Everything- Bright, airy, and clean. Although, we can’t guarantee it’ll stay clean 🙂

Unisex Nursery Ideas

Lil’ Sugar



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