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Our 7 Favorite Celeb Family Homes

By: Sarah Beaumont

June 17, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

When you have your eyes glued on Orlando Bloom in the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie, it’s pretty easy to forget that he’s a father. But that’s one way that celebrities are just like us — they have families. They also have homes. So in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up the homes of some of our favorite famous dads and their families. Though they may not be able to tell a Dad joke like your old man, they do have some serious style when it comes to their interiors.

Rob Lowe

Inspired by Mid-Atlantic coastal style style, Rob Lowe’s sweeping home in Santa Barbara, California, has plenty of room for the whole family. We wonder if he’ll be spending Father’s Day poolside (we certainly would).

Will Smith

Will Smith is a known family man. And the Malibu home he shares with wife Jada Pinkett Smith and their three kids is a perfect place for bonding. Earthy and intimate, the expansive ranch retreat uses adobe-style architecture and mixes elements of Persian, Moroccan, Spanish, and Southwestern design.

George Clooney

Just joining the ranks of fatherhood is the inimitable George Clooney. On June 6, his wife Amal Clooney gave birth to twins — a boy and a girl. We think they’ll do just fine at their English country estate.

Orlando Bloom
Our 7 Favorite Celeb Family Homes

via Lonny

Enter Orlando Bloom’s new minimalist home in Beverly Hills. Designed by architect Miguel Angel Aragonés, the light-filled space is nothing less than stunning, especially this mod, 70s-style conversation pit. But with a six-year-old boy in the house, good luck keeping those whites white, Orlando!

Will Ferrell

You wouldn’t expect this hilarious dad of three’s home to be a pillar of sophistication. But despite his plethora of comedic personas, the pristine Manhattan loft he shares with his wife and kids is a picture of contemporary refinement, filled with sleek surfaces and highly coveted artwork.

Vince Vaughn
Our 7 Favorite Celeb Family Homes

via Zillow

In Vince Vaughn’s classic L.A. mansion, the upstairs nursery is outfitted in a mix of trendy and traditional decor. Though we think he could use a tad more furniture.

Barack Obama

We imagine that the White House was a pretty exciting place for Malia and Sasha Obama to grow up, but their dad’s got a new pad, and it’s not too shabby. Though the house has yet to be redesigned by the former first family, its 8,200 square feet, nine bathrooms, and beautiful backyard give it lots of potential.

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