7 Rooms Inspired by Our Favorite Christmas Cookies!

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 2, 2016

Images via The Kitchen McCabe / Graham Gaunt

Pop quiz: What’s the sweetest thing about the holidays?

a.) Spending quality time with family. b.) Strutting your stuff in a shiny cocktail dress at the office holiday party. c.) Indulging in a plethora of sweet treats without feeling guilty about it. d.) All of the above.

If you’re like us, then you probably answered all of the above, but let’s be real — Santa isn’t the only one who digs Christmas cookies. Becoming reacquainted with dear old friends like Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread and Peppermint is an undeniable part of getting into the holiday spirit. And treating yourself to your favorite festive desserts in an equally delicious room, makes them taste even better. Consider these cookie-inspired spaces our holiday gift to you.

Snowflake Sugar Cookies + A Sweet Scandinavian Cottage

Basic yet delicious, sugar cookies will always be a staple of the holiday season. And these snowflake-shaped ones, with their intricate frosted designs, recall both the simplicity and attention to detail in a cozy Scandinavian cottage. Plus, it snows a lot in Sweden.

Snickerdoodles + A Toasty Converted Barn

Sugar, spice and everything nice may as well be the recipe for this snug converted barn. Pair its cinnamon-colored brick wall and wood floors with a pile of fresh-baked snickerdoodles for an extra warm treat.

Candy Cane Cookies + A Bright Bungalow Bedroom

Candy cane cookies are an ideal match for an extra cute kid’s room, complete with red bedframes, festive stripes and playfully patterned sheets. After you leave a plate out for Santa, you can bet the kids will snag a few to munch on as they wait up for him.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies + A Rustic Winter Cabin

These gooey chocolate mounds are topped with sugar as powdery as the freshly fallen snow. Enjoy these rich delights in front of a roaring fire in a cabin in the mountains.

Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies + A Bold & Peppy Living Room

The refreshing taste of peppermint pairs perfectly with the bold red walls and patterns in this jolly living room. Classic brownie matches the space’s sense of tradition.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies + A Cozy Mid-Century Country House

A creamy, peanut butter cookie is a match for a room filled with warm, streamlined neutrals. Mix things up with chocolate thumbprints and fur-lined mid-century modern chairs.

Gingerbread Cookies + A Rustic Contemporary Chalet

There’s no Christmas cookie as classic as gingerbread. These timeless treats are best enjoyed in a wintry retreat big enough to fit the whole family. Extra points for exposed wood beams and sweet details that resemble a gingerbread house. Evil Hansel & Gretel witch not included.

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