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The 7 Most Stylish Presidential Homes

By: Sarah Beaumont

June 30, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

We all know that one of the biggest perks of being the POTUS is getting to take up residence in the White House for four years. Being surrounded by history, grandeur and a whole staff to manage the upkeep and design of your home sounds pretty great to us. But where does the former first family move after their term is up? Can anywhere even compare to the nation’s most famous house? In honor of Independence Day, we decided to do a little research to see where some of our former leaders have lived following their stints as President of the United States. Turns out, the White House isn’t the only presidential home with style.

President Barack Obama – Washington, D.C.

While most former presidents typically return to their home states or retreat away from Washington for a while, the Obamas decided to stay close to the political atmosphere and picked up a sprawling 8,200-square-foot-property in the Kalorama neighborhood of D.C. (which happens to be just two miles away from the White House). We’d say this brick-covered beauty is not a bad trade-off.

President George W. Bush – Dallas, Texas

Unlike the Obamas, former President George W. Bush was ready for a change of scenery after his eight-year term in office. He and former first lady Laura Bush purchased this expansive ranch home in Bush’s beloved home state of Texas. The property is in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Texas and the pair often uses their large outdoor area to host BBQs for the community.

President Bill Clinton – Chappaqua, New York
This beautiful white, Dutch Colonial home shaped like a barn in upstate New York is former President Bill Clinton’s family home.

via Getty Images

Situated in a tree-lined cul-de-sac in upstate New York, Bill Clinton’s family home prior to his presidency is a beautiful white, Dutch Colonial with a barn-like shape. Boasting five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a pool, it’s certainly not a bad place to live while planning your next political move (the couple bought it in 1999 as Hilary Clinton was prepping to run for the Senate). It may not be in D.C., but this space shows that the Clintons never left the White House!

President George W. H. Bush – Kennebunkport, New York

This gargantuan mansion in Kennebunkport is home to former President George W. H. Bush.

via Getty Images

This ocean side compound has been in the Bush family for decades, so it wasn’t exactly a new residence after George Bush Senior’s term was up. But it was one of the first places he returned to and called home after leaving the White House. Though tourists visit Kennebunkport hoping to catch a glimpse of the gargantuan mansion, the location is said to be kept pretty secret. Looks like it lives on its own private New England island to us.

Ronald Reagan – Bel Air, California

After leaving the White House in 1989, the Reagans moved on to sunnier pastures. Particularly, a seventeen room mansion in the wealthy and exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air, California. A peek inside the space shows off Reagan’s taste for traditional décor, including chinoiserie patterns, exoticism and fine antiques.

Harry S. Truman – Key West, Florida

Affectionately dubbed the “Little White House,” former President Harry S. Truman used this sweeping space as a vacation home every winter when the temperatures in D.C. got too icy. From 1946 to 1952, Truman spent nearly 175 days of his presidency at this sunny winter retreat. But he wasn’t the only presidential figure to get use out of it – the Key West-style home has played host to former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Hyde Park, New York

Ninety miles north of New York City lies the opulent home of the 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Besides his time in the White House, the Federal-style Hyde Park property was Roosevelt’s life long home and it also happens to be his burial place.

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