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Are You A Man? Do You Have Any Of These 7 Must Haves?

By: Casey Gerber

February 11, 2014

1.  A Chesterfield Sofa


Ok, so lets get the most expensive piece out of the way. These couches can last decades and are the quickest way to class up a joint.  Our friends Roger&Chris have a good guide for picking one.  If you must have it now, this is a great choice too.


2.  Old Globes


For less than $50 you can find yourself a beautiful old standing globe that makes you like a world traveler and shows a good eye for design.  In this case authentic is better, so check out EBay for some absolute globe steals.


3.  Wall Art


Wall art is great because it can be a single purchase that makes a whole room look planned.  Canvases, single pieces and photographs are all good choices for a large wall.  To find some cool one-of -a-kind stuff check out Amazon Fine Art or check out Etsy for unique pieces like this from AgaFarrell.


4.  Alcohol Glasses


$60 may seem steep for a pair of glasses, but think of them as both functional and a piece of art. Display them on  your table or in your kitchen to show that you appreciate finer things, like these.


5.  A trio of high quality candles


Find a trio of colored candles like these Cier Trudons from Mr. Porter and make the visible from the moment someone enters your doorway.

6.  A Clock Wall


This is an inexpensive hack that can make your place look very well thought out.  You can always do an assortment of clocks or do four of the same clock showing different time zones.


7.  Himalayan Salt Tequila  Shot Glasses


While shots don’t happen every weekend, like an eagle scout, you should always be prepared.  Instead of feeling guilty for having Cabo Wabo shot glasses laying on your counter all week try these. They make for a great story an give a delicious salt tinge to anything you put in there.  These babies will last for years if you are good to them too.


8. (BONUS) A Grass Couch


This one is for people with a backyard (Sorry, New York) and admittedly will take about a days worth of work at the local hardware store.  The finished product is amazing and with these instructions you can take an old rundown couch and make it into a grass couch.


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