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8 Tropical Homes to Help You Beat the Winter Blues

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 23, 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

It’s that time of year again when spring starts to tease us with its tantalizing rays, only to disappear and leave us with four more weeks of winter. When the weather goes hot and cold on us, it can be hard to believe it will ever just stay sunny. But in some parts of the world, temperate weather is a mainstay. Beat your winter blues by staring longingly at these tropical homes. We promise, playing pretend paradise will make you feel at least ten degrees warmer.

Waters Edge

Whether it’s a shower that connects to the great outdoors or a dining room, these spaces make refreshing in the water easy.

Open-Air Living

This Mexican villa in Los Cabos takes lush, open-air living to a new level. Margaritas anyone?

Bright Ocean Views

There’s nothing like a bright, white space flooded with sunshine and ocean air.

Eclectic Escape

Who even needs doors when you live in paradise? This Gold Coast home is a boho beach dreamscape.

Jungle Dreamin’

If lush greenery is what you like to see when you look out the window, then these structurally modern spaces will complete your jungle dreams. Bamboo accents included. Tarzan and Jane, not so much.

Surfer’s Paradise

via C Home

The sunshine flooding into this organic, artful home, is enough to make anyone want to hit the waves. Or at least, the sand.

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