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8 Ways to Add Extra Seating in Your Dining Room This Holiday Season

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 20, 2016

Image via Elle Decoration

Folding chairs are an awesome invention. Compact and easily transportable, they’re perfect for BBQs, school assemblies and sporting events. But let’s be real, they’re not exactly dining room material.

We already know what you’re thinking — “But without folding chairs, how will I seat Aunt Loretta and her five kids and their kids and the kids’ friends at the dinner table?” Well, we’ve got more than a few elegant solutions. From stools to floor cushions, there’s a folding chair alternative for every table this holiday season.

Pull Up A Stool

When there aren’t enough dining chairs to accommodate your whole party, that old wooden stool sitting in the corner of your bedroom will do the trick. Or if matching is a must, forfeit traditional chairs entirely and opt for affordable (and stackable) industrial metal stools.

Look to the Living Room
via Lonny

via Lonny

The simple fix when you’re short on chairs? Drag an armchair in from the living room. Place wingbacks at the head of the table where they’ll balance out the less bulky dining chairs and add drama to the room.

Buddy Up on a Bench

Those benches you have in your entryway? Those can go a long way in the dining room. Not only will you be able to seat more people, but your guests will also be nice and comfortable sitting on plush, tufted cushions.

Do Double-Duty

We’re willing to bet you have a couple of items in your house that can double as seating. And when you toss a sheepskin throw over them, no one will know they’re actually the side tables from your bedroom. Or go for a rustic vibe and use raw wood accent tables for every seat.

Floor It

Take a cue from the Japanese and get festive on the floor. Whether you’re serving dinner buffet style and gathering around the living room or you want to mix things up and repurpose your coffee table for dinner, sitting pretzel style on the floor is a fun and different way to do dinner.

Mix It Up

As long as your table decor looks purposeful, there’s nothing wrong with using a random assortment of chairs. Add one from the office, one from the living room, and even one from outside. If you’re worried that your space will look chaotic, try to tie the chairs together with one unifying element, like matching cushions or sheepskin throws.

Sofa-king Comfortable
via Domino / Addison's Wonderland

via Domino/MemorableDecor.com / Addison’s Wonderland

That’s right, we said it. Sitting on a love seat during a festive holiday meal is so f*$#ing comfortable. This look may seem a little crazy at first, but we promise that your guests and their full bellies will appreciate the comfort.

Folding Chairs with Flair

If you must use folding chairs, at least opt for some with style. Go for an antique look with vintage folding chairs, slap a brightly colored coat of paint on your average metal pieces, or spend a little bit more money on a strong, modern set.

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