If you ask us, the Fourth of July can’t come soon enough! It’s the perfect moment to gather friends and family ’round and enjoy some much needed downtime–while consuming as much barbecue, corn on the cob and apple pie as possible! With the holiday fast approaching, we’ve rounded up a few easy and budget-friendly ways to add some Fourth of July flair to your home, in case you’ve already volunteered to host the party this year, but haven’t planned it out yet. Don’t worry, we get it (and we’ve got

The 4th of July and a festive cocktail go together like BBQ and baseball or  homemade apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pair all of these American traditions with Natalie Migliarini’s 4th of July specialty cocktail, and your holiday festivities will be twice as nice. A photo posted by Natalie Migliarini (@beautifulbooze) on Jun 20, 2015 at 2:08pm PDT If you can appreciate a beautiful and equally delicious cocktail, you should be following @BeautifulBooze. Curated by the talented Natalie Migliarini of Seattle, this Instagram captures gorgeous shots of the best

Image via Studio Ten 25 There’s a reason the American flag is red, white and blue – these three colors have an undeniable harmony when paired together. But a home that feels like the Fourth of July all 365 days of the year can be a little much. So in honor of Independence Day, we gathered our favorite red, white and blue spaces that do patriotic style the right way. Read on for rooms that will make you proud to be an American. Rustic Americana Want show off your American

Congratulations! You’ve signed your lease and said a final farewell to your late night, death-metal-playing neighbor down the hall. Now comes the fun part — moving! While scientists say that moving to a new place is about as stressful as starting a new job or filing for divorce, we’re here to help. We polled our interior designers to compile the ultimate guide to getting relocation ready. So, get out the cleaning supplies and boxes (don’t forget the wine), because we’re making big moves and helping you too. 1. Start with a clean slate.  Before your things are delivered, pack a “cleaning kit”

Summer is just around the corner and of course, your family is planning that dreaded annual camping trip again. If you’re not one for roughin’ it, but the fam is all about cramped tents, dirt, bugs, and bear traps, why not suggest a trip that will allow for plenty of John Muir-like musings with just an added touch of glam? If you haven’t heard of glamping, we’re sorry you’ve been living under a rock in the woods. But now is the time to make your way out from under that rock and bring