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A Beautiful Master Bedroom with Cool East Coast Style

By: Sarah Beaumont

May 24, 2016

Sleeping isn’t something that Meg Resnikoff does much of. Nearly any mom of three young children can sympathize, particularly one with a career like Meg’s. After graduating from Standford University, she went to work for large corporations in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, until she was struck by an “aha” moment that changed the course of her professional life.

“After having my second child and being out of the corporate world for a number of years, I really wanted to do something I was passionate about. And there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than being a mother,” Meg explains.

Frustrated by the lack of relatable content available to moms, Meg reconnected with college classmate Elle Walker and launched What’s Up Moms, a site and YouTube channel devoted to producing both helpful and comedic content geared towards the modern-day mother. The cool mom’s Beverly Hills home now doubles as a stage for quirky yet informative videos (think dressing up as a vegetable to encourage healthy eating habits).

In this white master bedroom, navy and green pillows and a bright, blue armchair add color to the room.

“Motherhood doesn’t mean the same thing to every mother; and over time, it can mean different things to the same mother.  Being able to pivot with your family and provide for them in different ways, that’s what a strong mother is.”

But regardless of what stage in motherhood you’ve reached, every mom needs a relaxing place to unwind and possibly catch some zzz’s. For Meg, the master bedroom was the obvious choice—it just needed a little refreshing change.

A navy bedside drawer and green light stand paired with fresh flowers and plants complete this elegant east coast style bedroom.

Traditional colors like navy and green are accented by gilded hardware. Fresh flowers and plant life give the space a fresh and lively feeling.

As soon as she and her husband set eyes on their five bedroom Cape Cod-style home, they knew it was the one. Built in 1937, the space is a far cry from the typical Spanish colonial look that characterizes much of LA’s residential architecture. While the house has many winning features such as an upstairs bedroom layout that Meg lovingly refers to as “kid central”, what really caught her eye was the structure’s traditional, East Coast vibe.

This bedroom’s large, bright windows, white walls, and farmhouse-style exposed ceiling allows colorful accents and furnishings to stand out.

Large, bright windows and farmhouse-style exposed ceiling beams are reminiscent of East Coast architecture.

“I grew up in Connecticut, so my roots are preppy. I also spent a lot of time with family on Martha’s Vineyard, so having a bit of nautical spirit in the room makes me feel right at home.”

Laurel & Wolf designer Megan Opel made sure to carry through with the East Coast theme in the rest of the house by introducing navy textiles, gilded hardware, and neutral elements to the space. Keeping the walls and woodwork white helps place the focus on the lighthouse-like architecture. The space feels like a little slice of New England right in the middle of LA.

On the left, a brown, textured rug adds warmth to the coastal room. On the right, a wooden shelf stores beautiful, fresh flowers, books, and family photos.

A coastal-meets-traditional etagere is decorated with books, delicate accessories, and memorable family pictures.

“I have a tendency to take a theme and ruin it by going overboard, but [my designer’s] suggestions balanced the room in just the right way,” Meg says.

By minimalizing the amount of stuff in the space, Opel created a much more relaxing environment for Meg, her husband, and their kids to enjoy. A desk in the window was swapped out for a studded navy chair, small table, and lamp, which turns the area into a cozy reading nook. It also helped minimize the urge to work in the bedroom.

Meg spends quality time with her one-year-old son Ryder reading books in the new and improved nook.

A blue, elegant armchair, fluffy, white pillow, standing light stand, and the wooden floors complement one another. A glossy, navy bedside drawer exudes sophistication and glamour.

Other than the reading nook, Meg loves the kid-friendly elements of the room, like a coverlette that allows her kids to hop in bed and cuddle up without making a mess, and side tables with drawers to keep curious fingers at bay.

Meg plays with her one-year-old son Ryder on the clean textiles of her newly refreshed bed.

Meg plays with Ryder on the vivid textiles of her refreshed bed.

For Meg, the space allows her to rethink “me time.” “If I get even 10 minutes to paint my nails before I film, that’s a very nice 10 minutes,” she says. With its neutral palette and comforting design, the master bedroom has become not only a personal and peaceful space for Meg and her husband, but a space where her family can grow, change, and, most importantly, be together.

Designed by Megan Opel and styled by Ashley Bussell. Photography by Dustin Walker.

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