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A Cozy Home Office with the Power of Flexibility

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 9, 2016

Cathy Sharick was part of the editorial team at TIME.com for nearly ten years when she decided to trade in her city office for a new role, working from home. For many, the transition from high-powered, corporate office to a job at a startup may seem risky, but for Cathy, it was the perfect move. There was just one minor problem — in order to make a smooth transition to working remotely, Cathy needed to transform a tiny storage room in her home into a feasible workspace.

As Executive Editor at PowerToFly, a global platform that connects female talent with flexible tech jobs, Cathy’s mission is to share the stories of other women like her, who have left their corner offices for a more balanced lifestyle. “I was eager to try something completely different. I wanted the chance to build a company from scratch and I wanted to integrate my home life with my career,” Cathy explains. Rather than commuting to the city and spending 10+ hours a day away from her children, she now exemplifies PowerToFly’s mission to enable women to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.



Before Laurel & Wolf, Cathy’s home office felt much more like a cramped and cluttered storage room than a work place.

Cathy had a clear vision in mind for her home office, but she lacked the professional design skills to execute it herself and had no time to host a designer in her home. When she discovered Laurel & Wolf, she knew it was the right fit. “I loved that I could design my space virtually and that the designers work remotely like I do.” After receiving her ‘First Looks’, Cathy chose to work with Annie Sue, whose colorful style board reflected everything she needed in her home office — space to productively complete her daily tasks as well as an area for her children to visit, do homework, and play.

Annie Sue's Style Board for the home office.

Annie Sue’s Style Board for the home office.

Annie Sue overcame the challenge of incorporating all of Cathy’s office necessities into the small floorplan by utilizing wall space for shelving and storage. A streamlined color palette comprised of blue accents and white décor carries throughout the space. Cathy’s desk, which faces the window, is where she writes, edits, and communicates with her team via a wide array of virtual collaboration tools.



The other side of the room is home to a small bookshelf and a tiny table — perfectly suited for Cathy’s little ones. “If my door is open, the kids are welcome to come in and see me or to spend time at the kid’s table making art, reading, or playing with their toys. Sometimes they even briefly join me on work calls!” 


Cathy finds that she’s much more productive in her home office than in a traditional, workplace environment. The space eliminates distractions and enables her to get chores done throughout the day as well. “Working from home allows me to continue my career while having a family. I don’t have to choose between not seeing my kids all day in an office job or giving up work altogether, and that’s one of the most appealing ‘benefits’ any company could offer me at this stage in my life.”

Cathy’s office was transformed in just a matter of weeks and she now has a practical space in her own home where she can fully dedicate her talents to both work and family. Her new office perfectly reflects PowerToFly’s dedication to empowering ambitious women to balance a demanding career and a flourishing family life, all while working from home.

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