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April Showers Bring May Flowers: Floral Ideas for Spring

By: Casey Gerber

May 11, 2015

The month of May is now in full swing and although the rain is still pouring in some areas of the world, the abundance of flowers in bloom have sent us the message that Spring is finally here. There is nothing that breathes new life and energy into your home quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But watch out, because these floral ideas might leave you with a serious case of spring fever.

1. Invite spring into your home with a bouquet of seasonal blossoms at your door.

Dogwood Branch from Ballard Designs | Laurel & Wolf

Bring those gorgeous cherry blossoms or dogwood branches that line the streets inside! Placed in a clear or textured vase at the entrance or foyer of your home is an inviting way to take advantage of these seasonal beauties. Add pussy willow and lily of the valley for an extra natural touch.

2. Replace hot cups of tea with fresh springtime florals.

Tea and Flowers | Laurel & Wolf Fancy a cup of flowers? Forget tea, it’s warm out now! Put your grandmother’s delicate china to use by filling it with fresh flowers. If you’re having guests over, an array of china tea cups full of flowers makes for excellent table decor. Use a dash of lilac as shown above, for that breathtakingly sweet scent.

3.  Give your florals some funk and make a statement with macrame plant hangers as a cool DIY.

DIY Hanging Plants | Laurel & Wolf

If you really want to get crafty with your flowers this spring, create a complete hanging planter installation, as pictured above. It might take a bit of effort to find a straight(ish), sturdy branch, but if you’re able, it makes an awesome statement in your space. Or forget the branch and have a day of DIY, making fun macrame hanging planters that can be placed anywhere in your space. For flowers we recommend bright anemones, morning glories, or pansies.

4. Highlight the beauty and grace of spring’s tulips.

White Tulips in Tall Glasses | Laurel & Wolf

When you see a profusion of the common, yet graceful tulip popping up in the yards of neighbors it’s a sure sign that spring has sprung. Cut a few from your garden or if you’re buying them from the supermarket, buy a young bunch because they will last much longer. Choose a taller vase that the tops of the stems can rest upon, otherwise they will wilt quickly. For an elegant visual, place polished stones at the bottom of the vase and your tulip arrangement is sure to delight.

5. Put daffodils to the test with a noteworthy display.

Shabby Chic Daffodils | Laurel & Wolf

Like tulips, daffodils are a classic spring favorite. Stray away from the traditional methods of displaying this inexpensive supermarket buy and place singular flowers in test tubes, which are pretty easy to find online as are their holding racks. This makes for a unique take on a classic flower.

6. Be creative with your big bouquets. 

Alternative Flower Vases | Laurel & Wolf

You’ve picked out the largest bunch of flowers failing to realize you don’t have a vase big enough to display them all. So get creative and use that old bucket that’s just lying around not serving a purpose. We got real crafty with a Patron bucket, but old gardening cans work just as well! (We also highly recommend pink peonies and hyacinth for spring!)

7. Get crafty with color!Fun Ways to Display Fowers | Laurel & Wolf  Especially if you have kids, using food coloring in your flower water is a super fun experiment to try out. Use clear vases and just one or two drops of food coloring for some semiopaque, fun pops of color. They add major brightness when placed in your kitchen window. Warning: This will dye your flowers so its best to opt for white, inexpensive supermarket bunches like, daisies, anemones, and ranunculus.

8.  Beautify your table with floating peonies and roses.Floating Flowers | Laurel & Wolf Floating Flowers | Laurel & Wolf

Both of these floating floral arrangements give us a raging spring fever! Peonies are excellent floaters and make for a great dinner centerpiece when placed in a large bowl interspersed with floating candles.

Wrapping leaves around the inside of a clear bowl-shaped vase will always result in a beautiful arrangement, but it’s all the more stunning with pastel yellow and pink roses floating on top.

9. Give light and life to simple flowers by arranging them in a series of lightbulb vases. DIY Lightbulb Flower Hangers | Laurel & Wolf
A purposefully disarranged handful of daisies and wildflowers look incredibly sweet when placed in individual small, mismatched vases and glasses, but they look even more special when you transform an old light bulb into a hanging vase. For outdoor parties, celebrations, and weddings, this floral trick is a whimsical addition to your decor.

10. Bright bunches of flowers get some bang when placed in artful vases.DIY Mason Jar | Laurel & Wolf Bright colored bouquets with lots of variety like irises and belladonna lilies scream spring, and they look even better with the added charisma of a mason jar. Pair a few mason jars with a geometric vase or vase holder for an eclectic, contemporary look.

11. Make an optical impact from the roots up.

Yellow Flowers for Spring | Laurel & Wolf  We love the visual illusion these dogwood stems create when aligned on the inside of a clear vase, making it seem as if the daffodils have sprung up from nowhere. Standing alone in the kitchen or living room against a blank wall, this arrangement makes a major springtime statement. It may look complicated but HGTV‘s instructions make it simple. Learn how to do it yourself here!

12.   Make your space a spring dreamland with a full wall of flowers. Flower Vines as Wall Decor | Laurel & Wolf

DIY Flower Wall | Laurel & Wolf

This one is for all the ambitious DIY’ers out there. For your next springtime party or get together, try creating a flower wall. This way you can utilize all of your favorite spring florals and create one of the most unique and stunning flower visuals out there. The flowers in the top picture are simply taped to the wall by their stems but you can also string them by the stems and hang them from the ceiling as shown in the picture above. Because there’s no water involved, this would have to be a temporary display but if you’re having a big bash, it’s totally worth it!

Whether you’re a fan of posies, peonies, tulips, or lilies, there’s a cornucopia of gorgeous spring flowers out there just waiting to brighten up your home and bring spring into your life! Happy May and have fun arranging your spring florals!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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