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All You Need to Understand Hollywood Regency Style

By: Casey Gerber

April 17, 2017

Via Wendy Labrum Interiors

The Laurel & Wolf headquarters are located in West Hollywood, CA. So we can’t help but have a soft spot in our hearts for the glam design style that bears the name of our home base. So grab your shades, because today we’re exploring the glitz, glamour, and gold of Hollywood Regency. Where did it come from? How can you spot  it? And what are some ways to integrate it into your own home? Read on to find out!

Define: Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency style dates back to the 1930’s when Hollywood was in its “Golden Age.” Now we know where all that gold came from! Producers wanted to complement the larger-than-life stars on the silver screen, so they designed their sets with opulence in mind.

Due to this heavy emphasis on glam, Hollywood Regency style furniture tends to have rich textures, contrasting colors, and luscious curves. To make up for the popular, low-lying furniture, the design details are sumptuous and luxurious. Executed with a mix of bold statement pieces and delicate accents, Hollywood Regency balances lavish fabrics and finishes with traditional architectural elements.

The Devil Is In the Details

Black leather chairs, rustic decor, and a polished wooden table create a chic, composed space.

Although the furniture itself has a fair amount in common with mid-century modern pieces, the accessories are always flashy and bold. Look for details that are inspired by Art Deco, black and white patterns, and jewel tones. Another easy way to spot Hollywood Regency? White lacquer or gold accents!

Go Bold or Go Home

While strong patterns and rich colors are important features of the Hollywood Regency style, it’s best when used sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to keep your decor in the same palette and try to stick to one or two patterns only. Maintain focus in the rest of the room by keeping accessories light and cohesive.

Get a Little Luxe With It

Glamorous textures are one of the most sought-after elements of Hollywood Regency style. Lacquer walls instantly glitz up a space…even in the kitchen! When picking fabrics, channel the movie stars of the 1940’s and their haute couture gowns. Think silks, satins, velvet, suede, chenille, and even fur. These gorgeous textiles have distinct finishes and will immediately add depth to your space in a way that even the most beautiful cotton and linens just can’t.

Shop the Look – Hollywood Regency

Okay, now that you’re an expert, it’s time to integrate your Hollywood Regency style into your space!

All You Need to Understand Hollywood Regency Style

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All You Need to Understand Hollywood Regency Style

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