At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place

By: Sarah Beaumont

January 18, 2016

“You can literally find inspiration anywhere,” says BRIDES Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Keija Minor as she lounges on her cottage-style sofa in the living room of her new Hamptons home. If you haven’t heard of Keija yet, the first thing to know is that her inspirations not only fuel her personal life and style, but her career as well. In her impressive role at BRIDES, Keija’s day-to-day is filled with exquisite items, innovative ideas, and stylish moments, all of which she uses to inspire a more beautiful and curated life within her readers.

Between her busy job, world travels, and constant search for new and exciting trends, Keija has developed a strong sense of personal style that is impeccably reflected in everything she does. While Keija’s home base is in Brooklyn, like many New Yorkers, she finds refuge from the city’s stifling summer heat in the Hamptons. At the end of each summer, Keija seemed to always find herself incredibly sad to leave the tranquil, seaside rental that she shared with friends. During one reluctant farewell, a friend remarked, “Keija, this is your happy place, just pull the trigger and buy a place already!” And with that, the Hamptons became Keija’s second home.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_1

As a professional tastemaker with a passion for home décor, Keija had a clear vision for her fantasy vacation home, but that vision began to change as soon as she bought the property. “For years, I’d dreamt of a beach house awash in pale aqua and seafoam. Then I bought this house and something about its clean, modern lines made me want to ditch the soft pastels for indigo and white.” Although Keija knew she wanted to channel the Hamptons setting with a crisp, classic palate and a dash of beachy essence, she quickly realized that she had a bit of a problem: 

“I never tire of looking at furniture and home décor. I could easily look at 157 coffee tables before committing. Designing this whole room on my own would have been a very slow process.” Paralyzed by the excess of choices, Keija enlisted Laurel & Wolf to help her speed up the design process, which made everything come together seamlessly in her new space.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_2

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_3

Designing the dining and living rooms of her vacation home turned out to be much easier than Keija anticipated. Her designer, Alyssa Alon seemed to have the exact same taste and aesthetic as Keija, making them a perfect match. Gilded mirrors and lamps combined with deep blues and whites add a splash of prep to the open space, while interesting patterns and textures prevent it from feeling too nautical—a style Keija thought would feel too cliché in this oceanside locale.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_4

“We have a saying at BRIDES that everything doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be beautiful. That philosophy definitely carries over to my home life.” Keija’s Hamptons home is the perfect balance between livable and luxurious. While her new space may look like it belongs on the pages of your favorite design magazine and blog, it also feels extremely intimate and comfortable. Slanted ceilings, white walls, and large windows furnish a bright and open feel, while a collection of sea glass bottles, indigo cushions, and a large fiddle leaf fig tree helps create a lush, warm environment.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_5

“What I love about this house is that it gets a ton of light and has a large, open common area that offers an easy flow between the indoors and out, ideal for entertaining.”  A rustic farmhouse table paired with a set of modern European bistro chairs creates an elegant setting for large dinner parties. The dining room is also fit with a gilded iron lantern that hangs above the table, giving off a warm and welcoming glow. “More than anything when I picture the Hamptons, I see big group meals: brunches and dinners for 10”.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_6

Although Keija’s Brooklyn apartment is styled quite differently than her vacation home, both places are a reflection of different parts of her life. Her Brooklyn home, designed in true Hollywood Regency fashion with lots of silver and nailheads, is a glamorous display of Keija’s city style, while her Hamptons home is a distinct representation of the simple things in life that make her happy.

At Home in the Hamptons: Inside Keija Minor’s Happy Place, Laurel & Wolf, lw_keija_7

“I love bringing friends together for an impromptu getaway weekend where nothing is planned but everything works. One of my friends calls it, ‘the magic of the house.’ I hope that never changes.”

Designed by Alyssa Alon, Styled by Kimberly Winthrop. Photos by Sean Robertson.

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