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At Home In The Los Angeles Rams New Sports Complex

By: Casey Gerber

February 3, 2016

Home to everything from 70 pristine miles of crystal coastline, to entertainment’s biggest and brightest stars, Los Angeles boasts an unmatched experience for both locals and tourists, alike. However, one major thing has been missing in L.A. for the past couple of decades — a presence in America’s most popular sport, the National Football League. Last month, the NFL gave their final stamp of approval for the St. Louis Rams to relocate back to their previous hometown, and die-hard fans and L.A. design lovers couldn’t help but wonder exactly what sort of stadium their new home in Inglewood would turn out to be.

Though Laurel & Wolf is proud to have happy clients in every city, big or small, our Headquarters are deeply rooted in Hollywood. So, it should come as no surprise that as soon as we heard the good news, we couldn’t wait to put our mark on the stadium’s new design. With the help of three of our local designers, we brought contracted architects, HKS’s vision of creating a Southern California-inspired sports complex to life within the stadium’s interiors.

Artist Renderings of the new L.A. Rams Stadium Designed by HKS Architects:




From an end zone bar, to a luxury box suite, to a gourmet dining experience, read on to see how our designers would elevate the interiors of the stadium with cool, California style and high design. 

An Upscale End Zone Bar Reminiscent Of Old Hollywood Glam:
At Home In The Los Angeles Rams New Sports Complex

Design by Lucinda Pace

According to Laurel & Wolf Designer Lucinda Pace, “I would go for more of an upscale look than the typical sports bar. With the end zone boxes being pretty exclusive and high-priced (just second to the boxes in the 50 yard line), I imagine that the bar would be frequented by mostly corporate-owned ticket holders.” The wave-like design of the architectural ceiling and rounded bar represent the energy of the city, while the art deco-inspired light fixture recalls old Hollywood elegance.

A Luxury Suite That Reflects The Carefree Nature of Southern California Beaches:

Design by Kimberly Winthrop“Drift wood tables topped with glass, surfboard infused flooring, movie theater-style seating, and lush, native plants makes this luxury suite the ultimate Southern California entertainment experience,” says Laurel & Wolf Designer Kimberly Winthrop of her design for a modern-meets-coastal box suite.

A High-Dining Experience With a Laid-Back Touch:
At Home In The Los Angeles Rams New Sports Complex

Design by Jessica Today

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of California comfort and elegance, Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Today’s design for a high-end dining experience does just that. “I designed the restaurant with tufted sofas that are perfect for relaxing while enjoying a glass of California wine over a marble-top table. Guests can take in the views of Andy Warhol-style artwork, such as the sunny Debbie Harry piece, that complements the Pacific-inspired seating. In order to break up the blue and add a touch of privacy, I carefully positioned potted fiddle leaf fig trees between the sofas. On the walls you’ll find distressed wooden slats that represent the laid-back vibe of Southern California and juxtapose the regency-style flooring.”

With plans to unveil the new development just in time for the 2019 football season, we can’t wait to see how the stadium’s interiors will mirror the custom-designed California feel that its exteriors so perfectly portray. “Home” to residential communities, retail locations, parks, and concert halls, this innovative sports complex will host far more than football and serve as a “global stage” for the rest of the world.

Thank you to Laurel & Wolf Designers Lucinda Pace, Kimberly Winthrop and Jessica Today for their unique perspectives on designing the grandest sports arena to date.

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