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All Your Bachelor Fantasy-Suite Design Questions Answered

By: Casey Gerber

February 27, 2017

As Bachelor Nation braces itself for the television event of the season, the long-awaited fantasy-suite episode, so many questions fill our minds. Will Corinne finally seal the deal with Nick? Will Nick and Vanessa ever discuss the real possibility of an L.D.R? Did Raven and Nick contract leeches on her hometown date? And most importantly, what does the “fantasy suite” really look like? Well, thankfully, you don’t need a date card from Chris Harrison to step inside and see for yourself.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, we designed a fantasy, fantasy-suite for Nick Viall and the three surviving contestants. So if you have better things to do on a Monday night than sit and endure the 3+ hours that this episode entails, read on for our SparkNotes version of the design!

The Fantasy Suite Design:

All Your Bachelor Fantasy-Suite Design Questions Answered

Laurel & Wolf Interior Designer, Kimberly Winthrop took on the paralyzing task of capturing Nick Viall’s essence inside a single space. Sounds tough right? I mean, just try to imagine how difficult that must have been, given his complexity.

Starting with the essentials, a king-size bed, a fully-stocked bar cart, countless selfies, and a life-size version of Chris Harrison, Kimberly designed a cozy space that was made for securing the final rose.

All Your Bachelor Fantasy-Suite Design Questions Answered

A Backstreet Boys poster and plenty of liquor are there to make the women feel at home and remind them of dates past. Not sure where the Benadryl comes into play? Well, it’s by Nick’s bedside just in case he breaks out in hives again after being spoiled by Corinne.

So, after seeing Kimberly’s fantastical design, would you accept the final rose? Make sure to tune in tonight to watch the story unfold!

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