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BEAUTIFUL Glassware to Serve Summer Drinks!

By: alexia

July 21, 2015

An interior designer will always tell you it’s the little things that make the most pronounced difference. For example, simply changing out the hand towels in the kitchen or adding a new potted succulent can transform the look and feel of your space.

Glassware is one of those little details that is oh so worth the splurge to get your place looking perfect. And to help you find the very best of it, we’ve complied a list of our favorite glassware for summer!

1. The Miruna Pitcher 

We absolutely love this beautiful pitcher. To showcase its translucent quality, fill it with ice cold water and add slices of fresh citrus or berries.

2. Pearl-Drop Cup & Saucer 

Still need your cup of morning tea despite the heat? Get yourself a light colored mug with a wide mouth to allow for quicker cooling. Pair it with a matching saucer to place seasonal fruits or a delicious scone.

3. Alegre Azul Beverage Glass

This is your everything glass. Water, juice, iced tea, whatever you’d like! The name alone conjures up memories from a previous life spent on an Italian beach sipping limoncello. Yeah, we’ll take 10 of these, please.

4. Hammered Pint Tumbler

Not much compares to sipping a summer craft beer. However, drinking straight from the bottle or can may limit your ability to fully enjoy it.  If you choose to use a glass, you can smell the aromas of the beer, which will enhance your drinking experience by activating more complete and complex flavors. A big plus — a metal glass means zero breakage. Thumbs up for that!

5. Emma Hobnail Tumbler

The iconic hobnail look is anything but dull and it has a classic feel to it. Not only do these glasses look great, but they win the title of best bang for your buck. Mix it up with a combo of short and tall tumblers.

6. Sunset Amber Drinkware

These gorgeous ombre glasses are handblown in Mexico from recycled glass. If you’re a fan of matching glassware, check out these wine glasses. As tempting as they are are, keep in mind that these beauties are hand-wash only.

7. Cylinder Pink Champagne Flute

Pink Champagne glasses | Laurel & Wolf

via CB2

Whether you’re celebrating a big win or catching up on girls night, these pink-tinted champagne glasses are stylish and sleek.

Not sure which glassware is for you? Take the Laurel & Wolf style quiz and discover your design style. If you’ve fallen in love with more than one of these styles, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Embrace an eclectic collection.

Either way you slice it, cut it, or pour it, good-looking glassware is an awesome compliment to your home. Treat yo’ self to the ultimate cabinet of cups this summer. Your home with thank you.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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