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The Best Design Advice We’ve Received From Our Moms

By: Amy Wicks

May 2, 2018

Image via Domino

When it comes to design, mom really does know best. Yes, she’s made a few style mistakes over the years (the 1980s was a tricky decade for all of us!) but, for the most part, she’s always had an excellent eye for what works and what doesn’t.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, Laurel & Wolf staffers are sharing the best design lessons learned from their moms. Read on, and then call your mama.

“Your home is your personal refuge. Create a space that makes you happy.”

My mom taught me not to worry about the latest and greatest design trends. “Whatever your personal style is–although it may be different from mine–you should embrace it,” she said. That means choosing colors that make me happy and not being afraid to bling it up a bit, if that brings me joy. She encouraged me to let my personality shine through and create a home that reflects who I am. –Marisa Trichter, Marketing Manager

The Best Design Advice We’ve Received From Our Moms

Images via Old Brand New / Inside Out

“Never be afraid to mix colors and patterns.”

It can add a lot of dimension and liveliness to a room when it’s done right!  With that as well, always curate your collection whether it’s pillows, art, or accessories. Editing one or two items in the space can make a huge difference without breaking the bank. –Brittney Morrow, Manager of Client Operations

“Be bold and true to yourself.”

I think mothers often know best when it comes to their kids and in my case, that’s definitely true. The best advice she’s given me is to be bold and true to yourself. This is actually very reflective of the style and design aesthetic I’ve developed over the years. The design choices I make are the physical form of my personality. –Sarah Raj, UX/UI Designer

The Best Design Advice We’ve Received From Our Moms

“Surround yourself with things you love. It’s OK to splurge every now and then!”

My mom had amazing taste, but when I was little, her approach to design was a little too sophisticated for me (I preferred rainbow-printed wallpaper and Care Bear pillows!) Now, I’ve come to embrace the idea of “investment pieces” and spending a little more on the things I love. –Amy Wicks, Head of Editorial and Community

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