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Best Lamps Under $150

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 6, 2017

Lighting. Unless the power goes out, it’s one of those things we take for granted in the contemporary world. But truthfully, it’s an essential of every space. And not only that — lamps and chandeliers act as the jewelry of our homes. They create ambiance and can add some serious flair to a side table or ceiling. But as essential as they may be, the pretty ones can be pricey. So we sourced a selection of lamps under $150 to help you illuminate your space, no matter your budget.

Marble Marvels

Best Lamps Under $150

Madison Park Signature Halsey Table Lamp, $139.00 / Madison Park Signature Bringham Table Lamp, $109.00

Marble and gold paired together make for one of the most coveted material combinations in the design world. These extra chic lamps go a long way in adding a glimmer of style to any room you place them in.

Understated Elegance

Best Lamps Under $150

Vigor Table Lamp, $138.00 / Gourd White Ceramic Table Lamp, $93.10

Sometimes simplicity in lighting is exactly what a space needs.

Iconic Arcs

Best Lamps Under $150

Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp, $119.99 / Modern Bowery Arc Lamp, $114.00

Perfect for a cozy corner or living room, these arching lamps light up an entire area. Go for a 1960s look with the one on the left, or a sleek and contemporary style with the one on the right.

Industrial Lighting

Best Lamps Under $150

Modern Sherwood Table Lamp, $99.00 / Vintage Army Helmet Desk Lamp, $118.00

Perfect for a bedroom or study, the rustic table lamp on the right adds cozy, ambient lighting to a space. Or try something more unique, like a lamp made from a repurposed, vintage army helmet.

Shining Surrealism

Best Lamps Under $150

Golden Antlers Table Lamp, $140.80

This daring lamp is a standalone statement piece for anyone who loves filling their home with eclectic, artful touches.

Natural Glow

Best Lamps Under $150

Trio Floor Lamp, $135.00 / Modern Keaton Table Lamp, $99.00

Organic shapes and natural materials make these lamps a perfect addition to a modern and minimalistic abode.

Coastal Doubles

Best Lamps Under $150

Camden Gourd French Blue Table Lamp, $112.10

Like something you would see in Provence de France, these elegant light blue lamps remind us of the sun shining on the sea.

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