How To Bid Farewell To Bathroom Clutter

By: Casey Gerber

January 18, 2017


Our bathrooms are our sanctuaries. They’re where we go to get away from the world and wash our worries down the drain. They’re the places we begin each day and end each night. They’re even the places where our shower thoughts turn into some of our greatest ideas. So, if we spend so much time in the bathroom, why is this space often the most overlooked in terms of both style and functionality?

Whether you have a powder room with just enough room for the toilet, or one fit for a king, we’ve got the tips to bring order to the everyday madness.

Drawer Organizers: Okay, let’s face it: we all have a junk drawer or two…or ten. And even if your bathroom drawers are filled with everything from that lipstick you wore to prom, to a plethora of eyeshadow palettes, to loose change, an acrylic organizer will help you keep everything visible and orderly.

Floating Cabinets: Low on countertop space? No problem. Elevate the style of your bathroom by doing just that — elevating your stuff. We suggest displaying your collection of perfume and jewelry in a floating curio cabinet like the one below, and hiding less aesthetically pleasing items under the sink or behind closed cabinet doors.

Via Anthropologie / Top Inspired

Towel Racks: Believe it or not, there’s a better place for your towels than the bathroom floor. Consider funky options for displaying your hand towels by the sink, or opt for a leaning ladder rack.

Clear Apothecary Jars: Instantly banish clutter and create a hotel-worthy vibe by removing items like Q-tips and cotton balls from their original packaging and placing them in glass apothecary jars. Go a step further and label the containers for a sophisticated and organized look.

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