Client Stories

Client Stories

Our childhood homes are full of memories that will forever be frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean the houses themselves have to stay stuck in the past too. As kids leave home and plant roots in new cities, parents can finally take back what was once theirs. And that is exactly what one Interior Designer enabled her parents to do. Growing up in a small town outside of Houston, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Claire Brody first discovered her love for design through her mother. “She’s definitely a decorator at heart. I remember her always rearranging the furniture and thinking about design. I’m

The first thing you see when you enter Kassidy Gerber’s home in Redmond, Washington, is a set of Danish teak chairs encircling an elegant marble table. Once an area Kassidy and her family rarely used, the dining room is now the heart of the house, where nightly conversations take place over dinner. After redesigning their living, dining, and bonus rooms, Kassidy and her family discovered a new appreciation for the place they call home. “I love the furniture in our living room so I won’t let anyone eat in there

Father’s Day is coming. We’re giving you fair warning so that, for once, you don’t resort to the ol’ here’s-a-tie trick. This year, we dare you to go a little more sentimental. Ahead of Father’s Day, we teamed up with custom framing and delivery site Framebridge to gift one deserving Dad a special surprise. Shaun Foos met now-wife Rachel on a blind date at a dive bar, but decided to take things up several notches, proposing in a helicopter over Los Angeles. They now share a cozy three-bedroom home north of the city

Sleeping isn’t something that Meg Resnikoff does much of. Nearly any mom of three young children can sympathize, particularly one with a career like Meg’s. After graduating from Standford University, she went to work for large corporations in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, until she was struck by an “aha” moment that changed the course of her professional life. “After having my second child and being out of the corporate world for a number of years, I really wanted to do something I was passionate about. And there’s nothing I’m more

There is nothing shy about Chef Kris Yenbamroong. His restaurants are a riot of color, his dishes are fiery and bold, and he met his now wife on a night that ended in a bar brawl. But, like in the Thai cuisine he’s famous for, fire and spice flame out without the balance of other flavors. In the case of his curries, that’s tangy lime, sweet coconut milk and bright aromatics. In the case of Yenbamroong, it’s wife Sarah St. Lifer. “We’re coming from completely different places, but you don’t

Home to 450 varieties of trees, the lush city of Sacramento is wildly different from the bustling urbanity of Paris. That didn’t stop Tessa, a digital marketing nomad and her husband Sébastien, a French photographer, from leaving their life abroad to settle among the tall oaks and sycamores of Northern California. “We worked together in Paris. I was the enthusiastic American and he was the stylish, creative type,” Tessa recalls. After traveling the world together and marrying in Paris’s picturesque neighborhood of Montmartre, the pair decided to move to Sacramento

You never forget your first love, and that’s exactly what Venice Beach was for consultant, Lisa Finn. She moved to the bohemian beach enclave more than 17 years ago, enamored of the live-and-let-live lifestyle. “There was a real sense of community and acceptance there, and the diversity that existed was very stimulating,” she explains. But as the once laidback locale rapidly gentrified, Lisa began to feel that she had overstayed her welcome. Saying goodbye to the place that she had long called home felt like the end of an era,

A 600-square-foot apartment typically leaves little room for anything but the bare necessities, especially when shared by two adults, a dog, a cat, and a newborn baby. This diminutive space in Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood, however, is the perfect fit for Danielle Directo-Meston and her family. A native of the sunny skies, mountains, oceanside views, and unfortunate traffic of LA, Danielle and her husband moved into their current place about two years ago for its central location and pleasant patio. “I work from home, but my husband works in

When was the last time you looked around your neighborhood coffee shop and didn’t see a single laptop? Have you ever attended a picturesque dinner party void of cellphones? In a world driven by technology, escaping the pressure to be plugged-in is rare, which is why it’s important to have a place where you can kick back, relax, and power off. Jake Strom, a resident of sunny Venice, California, has been lucky enough to find his personal paradise within the comfort of his own apartment. Appropriately named the “Zen Bungalow”

After contemplating selling her Sherman Oaks, California home for the better part of the last decade, Life Coach-meets-Fashion Buyer, Ilyse finally feels at home in a space that accurately reflects her colorful, upbeat nature. “My house felt unpolished and thrown together. Being able to add color and flair to the room makes me feel so much more at home now, and I love having people come over,” says Ilyse of her newly designed Laurel & Wolf space. “Redecorating has helped me fall back in love with my house.”  When discovering her own unique interior design style, Ilyse

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