Client Stories

Client Stories

You never forget your first love, and that’s exactly what Venice Beach was for consultant, Lisa Finn. She moved to the bohemian beach enclave more than 17 years ago, enamored of the live-and-let-live lifestyle. “There was a real sense of community and acceptance there, and the diversity that existed was very stimulating,” she explains. But as the once laidback locale rapidly gentrified, Lisa began to feel that she had overstayed her welcome. Saying goodbye to the place that she had long called home felt like the end of an era,

A 600-square-foot apartment typically leaves little room for anything but the bare necessities, especially when shared by two adults, a dog, a cat, and a newborn baby. This diminutive space in Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood, however, is the perfect fit for Danielle Directo-Meston and her family. A native of the sunny skies, mountains, oceanside views, and unfortunate traffic of LA, Danielle and her husband moved into their current place about two years ago for its central location and pleasant patio. “I work from home, but my husband works in

When was the last time you looked around your neighborhood coffee shop and didn’t see a single laptop? Have you ever attended a picturesque dinner party void of cellphones? In a world driven by technology, escaping the pressure to be plugged-in is rare, which is why it’s important to have a place where you can kick back, relax, and power off. Jake Strom, a resident of sunny Venice, California, has been lucky enough to find his personal paradise within the comfort of his own apartment. Appropriately named the “Zen Bungalow”

After contemplating selling her Sherman Oaks, California home for the better part of the last decade, Life Coach-meets-Fashion Buyer, Ilyse finally feels at home in a space that accurately reflects her colorful, upbeat nature. “My house felt unpolished and thrown together. Being able to add color and flair to the room makes me feel so much more at home now, and I love having people come over,” says Ilyse of her newly designed Laurel & Wolf space. “Redecorating has helped me fall back in love with my house.”  When discovering her own unique interior design style, Ilyse

Cathy Sharick was part of the editorial team at for nearly ten years when she decided to trade in her city office for a new role, working from home. For many, the transition from high-powered, corporate office to a job at a startup may seem risky, but for Cathy, it was the perfect move. There was just one minor problem — in order to make a smooth transition to working remotely, Cathy needed to transform a tiny storage room in her home into a feasible workspace. As Executive Editor at PowerToFly,

When your wardrobe consists of over 250 articles of clothing (yes, we counted), even the most meticulously organized closets can feel like a big, beautiful disaster. Sure, identical wooden hangers, a spacious dresser, and stylish jewelry displays work wonders, but purging yourself of items you haven’t worn in ages is often the least glamorous, yet most impactful part of the process. With the help of her Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Today, Lexi did just that and created a space as fashionable as she is. “It’s important for me to get creative with the clothes and accessories

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