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It’s been a long, strenuous winter at work so you’ve decided to treat yourself to some of those precious vacation days. After all, you deserve a Spring Break just as much as a student, right? But where do you go in the middle of March when all the ideal destinations are crawling with inebriated college kids? While the cerulean waters of Cabo and Cancun may sound nice, they’re standard spots for Spring Break debauchery. But it’s okay, because the world contains countless sophisticated escapes where you can sip your margarita

Image via Architectural Digest Whether you’re single or spoken for, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day can be a little sickeningly sweet. By the time the day arrives, we’ve been worn out by our attempts at making dinner reservations, we’ve seen way too many ads for the “perfect gift,” and we never want to taste another candy heart again. But there is one thing about this hallmark holiday that we can get behind — the colors. Although soothing blues and neutral hues are great, nothing makes us swoon like a

What if real life happened like it does in a rom-com? It all starts with a meet-cute in the park, when your dogs’ leashes tangle you into an unexpected romance. A series of ups and downs and conflicts and quarrels carry you to the end of your love story where somehow, everything works out magically and you live happily ever after in a cute little bungalow by the beach. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t happen quite like that. But if these rom-coms teach us anything, it’s how a well-designed home can help

via Illinois Criminal Defense Cohabitation. No one said it was easy. Even the word itself is overly complicated. But when moving in with a SO, it’s important to have some design tricks up your sleeve. With these hacks you’ll protect those nightly cuddle sessions on the couch while eliminating the screaming matches and thrown plates. From compromising to open communication, here are the design rules for living better together. Related: Adventures in Cohabitation: A Move that Made a Happy Home  Start Fresh Revamp your space together, treating each room like

Interior image via C Home It’s that special time of year again when all the world’s It-girls put on their daily best and take their front row seats at Fashion Week. But everyone knows the streets are where the real fashion shows are. From New York to Paris, trendsetters strut their stuff from show to show as if they were walking the runway themselves. These ladies are photographed so frequently that we tend to know their tastes almost as well as we know our own. And some of their looks just so happen to pair

Flowers and chocolates are fine and all. But if we have to be honest, we wouldn’t mind, just once, having a seriously over-the-top Valentine’s Day surprise. So may we suggest that you *accidentally* leave this page open on your S.O’s laptop or ask a trusty friend to relay the message? And if they’re STILL not getting the hint, just tell them that dinner on a snowcapped mountain is exactly what Valentine’s Day dreams are made of. Because communication is key to any lasting relationship, right? So, turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day

Image via Old Brand New Before the Internet was a thing, we got our interior design fix by paging through glossy magazines or peeking into showrooms filled with beautiful things. But when the world gave us Instagram, we got a deeper look into the beautiful projects and even the personal lives of interior designers. So whether your feed looks a little bland or you’re seeking some inspo for your new place, these are the designer accounts that serve up loads of interior eye candy. @claire_brody A photo posted by Claire Brody

Via Elle Decor When it comes to fabrics, if mohair is a summer fling, velvet would be our one true love. Composed of silk fibers woven together on a special loom, velvet first made waves in the 14th century when it was made by hand. Fast-forward 700 years, and it’s still one of the most sought-after and versatile materials, one that works from palaces to apartments,  churches to bars. RELATED: Design Trends That Will Be Hot in 2017 So what is it about velvet that has helped it withstand the test of time? Well, for

Photo by The Line There’s very few things in life as satisfying as a good online sale. Well…until you find out that half your friends also took note and now own that 50% off bar cart you’ve had your eye on. If you’ve ever encountered this problem, it’s probably time to expand your shopping horizons. And we’ve got just the places to do it. This is our little black book of online decor stores to bookmark right away. 1. Rose & Fitzgerald: California-couple-turned-Africa residents Courtney and Laren Poole founded this chic online shop out of their love for

For those of us who aren’t exactly green with envy for Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, rest assured that there are actually nine runners up that you’ll likely fall in love with in the new year. Taking cues from the hues on the runways of New York Fashion Week and the color experts at Pantone, we’ve got your hot colors for 2017 (spoiler alert: kale isn’t just a trendy salad ingredient anymore). 1. Primrose Yellow It’s been a dark and contentious 2016, so we’re all looking for a little sunshine in the new year. That’s why

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