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Mid-century modern design is making a comeback in a big way, and because of its clean and classic features it’s the ideal style to use within your workspace. We picked our favorite more expensive Mid-Century desk and six lower priced (and equally fabulous!) desks for you to choose from. 7. The solid and stunning walnut desk. This all-American beauty comes straight from the tall walnut trees of Wisconsin, made with only the finest finishes and highest quality wood working. The floating top provides a perfect work space and the drawers give it optimal

If diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, then texture is a wall’s best friend. Add a little variety to your wall with our top 7 picks for textured artwork! 7. Lauren Packard, Form This lovely piece available on the Minted Art Marketplace explores form and texture through the layering of neutral tones and a variety of brush techniques. It’s simple and aesthetically pleasing- perfect for any wall. 6. Oliver Gal, Ox Brass For any lover of southwestern style — this piece is for you. Striking layers of color emerge throughout the composition juxtaposed by a detailed

Acrylic heels may have had their Cinderella moment (come on, no one can walk in glass) but Lucite furniture is a new must-have in the world of design. Scroll down to check out the 7 reasons we love Lucite furniture! 7. It’s incredibly versatile. From traditional to eclectic, Lucite furniture works in any space. And since it’s translucent, you never have to worry about matching. 6. It’s clearly elegant. Adding a Lucite side table or lamp to your space is like slipping on a pair of Louboutin’s. Your space immediately feels more luxe and elegant. 5.

Everyone knows that first impressions are everything and entryway benches have the ability to set the tone when someone walks in your front door. It is time to find that perfect entryway piece! Scroll down to see the top 7 entryway benches your bottom will be begging to sit on! 7. Contemporary Eclectic Cowhide Print Metal Bench For a sleek southwestern look, opt for this cowhide upholstered x-bench with shining silver legs. It’s the perfect entry-piece for an eclectic home. 6. Modern Geometric Relic Bench Something from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey or

Have your very own hot Havana night just by looking at these stunning interiors inspired by the fluid decor of Cuba’s capitol city! Scroll down for 7 Havana-inspired rooms that make us want to do some dirty dancing! 7. Mid-century Cuban luxury.  That chandelier! Those gorgeous mid-century modern chairs! The vintage luxury intermixed with a muted Cuban color and pattern scheme gives this home a special bout of beauty. 6. Tiles that go on for miles.  You have to admire Havana for its intricate tile-work. This contemporary kitchen utilizes styles from across the board, but the floor-to-wall tiling

We have a big ‘ol #designcrush on our Laurel & Wolf interior designer, Jamielyn Costes! Here at Laurel & Wolf headquarters, we love to watch design projects as the designs roll in, and we’re constantly impressed by the level of work that Jamielyn exhibits. She creates beautifully designed style boards, always listens to her clients, and goes above and beyond when creating her final design. When you see her work, you’ll understand why we’re kind of in love with her! Read more to find out about Jamielyn’s inspiration, how she

The Design Blogger’s Conference is this week in Savannah, Georgia. (More on that and ALL of our favorite bloggers to come later this week!) We’re really excited to be heading down South to meet some of our favorite design bloggers and chat all things interior design, but what we’re really looking forward to is seeing keynote speaker Nate Berkus! We love Nate’s easy sense of style, playful use of color, and the lived-in feel of his rooms. He is the epitome of the hip contemporary eclectic interior design style that’s in

Drew Zinn is one of our most loved Laurel & Wolf designers (it may or may not have something to do with the handmade Christmas card he made us…) Drew is based in Nebraska, and he graciously hopped on the phone with us to talk all things design, DIY, and Laurel & Wolf. Philosophy: Design is art with purpose, a construct of functional expression which seeks to improve quality of space, life, environment and personal well being and communication, bridging between physical realities and intangible ideas. ​ ​ Services Offered: Floor and Space Planning,

Kimberly Winthrop is a Laurel & Wolf Interior Designer based out of Santa Monica, CA. We invited her over to the Laurel & Wolf office to sit down with her and learn a bit more about how she works! BASIC STATS Philosophy: “I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right.” Dorothy Draper Services Offered: Style Inspiration Boards, Space Planning, Interior Design, Event Design, Renderings Certifications and Awards: Allied ASID, NEWH Favorite Design Style: Traditional Eclectic INTERVIEW L&W: Thanks for coming in today! Tell us a little about

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