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Coffee tables are so much more than a place to set your drink. They have the ability to change the vibe and style of an entire room. However, these living room centerpieces can be surprisingly pricey. So we’ve taken the work out for you, pulling together eighteen great coffee tables under $500. RELATED: 12 Affordable Beds Under $500 Under $200 This contrasting coffee table merges contemporary design with a classic rectangular frame. Complete with a set of drawers and a clean, white tabletop, it’s an ideal starter piece for a new

Image via Architectural Digest When the summer heat hits its peak, it’s hard to imagine doing anything but laying by a pool sipping an ice cold drink. But we’re not talking just any pool. We’re specifically speaking of pools that come equipped with their very own houses. Pool houses offer both an escape from the sun and a luxurious space to relax in between taking dips. And truthfully, some of the best ones look better than our own homes. From boho bungalows to New England dens, these are the pool houses

Not all bed frames are created equal. Some cost more than your life savings while others, well…don’t. If you’ve winced at the thought of buying a new bed frame then you’re not alone. But sleeping on a mattress on the floor does not mean you’ve mastered a minimalist aesthetic. Whatever your reason for postponing this ever-important bedroom purchase, forget about it because we’ve scoured our affordable furniture sources and discovered twelve stylish bed frames under $500. Chances are, that’s less than your monthly rent or mortgage payment and probably even less

Image via Lonny There are some rooms that strike a perfect chord between form and function. And then there are others that strike a perfect chord because they’re literally filled with musical instruments. From extensive record collections to walls lined with guitars, these well-designed music rooms sing with noteworthy style. Garage Band Whether you’re rocking out to Zeppelin on vinyl or repeatedly practicing “Stairway to Heaven,” you need a space that vibes with your rock and roll style. On the left, a large shelf stocks an extensive record collection while the room

Image via Architectural Digest A dining room table without chairs is like a car without a steering wheel. It’s simply not functional. But if you want your space to look put together, you can’t pair just any old chair and table. Whether you like an industrial vibe in your home or your tastes are more traditional, we’ve hunted down winning dining table and chair combos to suit every style. Plus, they’re affordable. Read on to find your perfect pair! Scandinavian Simplicity Taking cues from clean-lined Nordic style, this pair fuses classic

There’s nothing better than sinking into a hotel bed after a day of adventures…aside from returning to your own bed at home after a long trip. So what if you could combine the luxury of a hotel stay with the comfort of your own space? With a few quick upgrades you can. Whether you’re giving your own room the resort treatment or upgrading a guest bedroom for summer, these are our tips for creating a room where every day feels like a vacay. Invest in Good Bedding A good mattress

Image via Architectural Digest We all know that one of the biggest perks of being the POTUS is getting to take up residence in the White House for four years. Being surrounded by history, grandeur and a whole staff to manage the upkeep and design of your home sounds pretty great to us. But where does the former first family move after their term is up? Can anywhere even compare to the nation’s most famous house? In honor of Independence Day, we decided to do a little research to see

Image via Houzz What’s hiding under your stairs? Or how about that tiny balcony you never use? It’s only natural that we focus on decorating the main spaces in our homes rather than the small nooks and crannies. But the truth is, putting a little love into little spaces can have a big impact. With a touch of design magic, a window nook or a spot under the stairs can become a new favorite hangout. Want proof? Read on for spaces that are small in size, but big in design. Bold Balconies When

Image via Studio Ten 25 There’s a reason the American flag is red, white and blue – these three colors have an undeniable harmony when paired together. But a home that feels like the Fourth of July all 365 days of the year can be a little much. So in honor of Independence Day, we gathered our favorite red, white and blue spaces that do patriotic style the right way. Read on for rooms that will make you proud to be an American. Rustic Americana Want show off your American

Image via Architectural Digest When you have your eyes glued on Orlando Bloom in the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie, it’s pretty easy to forget that he’s a father. But that’s one way that celebrities are just like us — they have families. They also have homes. So in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up the homes of some of our favorite famous dads and their families. Though they may not be able to tell a Dad joke like your old man, they do have some serious style when it

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