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Image via House Beautiful We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — in the summertime, we prefer doing everything outdoors. And we mean everything. Dining al fresco? Of course. Working outside? Don’t mind if we do. Showering in the open air? You better believe it. However, there are some specific requirements our outdoor washrooms must have: beauty, cool and high-quality design. Because when nature calls, it should call in style. California Contemporary Palm trees, lemon trees and contemporary design are just a few things that California has to

Image via Elizabeth Roberts Let’s start with a disclaimer: We’re not here to tell you that your space isn’t hip if you’re still rocking anything on this list. Design is all about what you like, so if you’re still digging millennial pink, then embrace your pink walls, pillows and chairs! But because home décor comes down to personal preference, we’ve polled our designers for the trends they’re tiring of. From kitchen hardware to living room décor, these are the trends we’re ready to say goodbye to this summer. OUT: Shiplap One of the most

Image via Architectural Digest Picture this: It’s a breezy June afternoon and you’re lounging on a porch, sipping a cool beverage and catching up on your summer reading. Sounds pretty ideal, right? We think so, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest porches out there, from sunny verandas to screened-in beauties with Southern charm. If you’re spending your afternoon doing anything but relaxing, these porches will without a doubt, transport you to a simpler summer day. Tropic Thunder Carribean romance is the name of the game when it comes

Image via Coco Lapine Design Ice cream is kind of like interior design. There are tons of different flavors you can taste or styles you can try in your home, but most people have a personal preference towards what they like best. Think about it — when you visit an ice cream shop, do you opt for eclectic flavors like honey lavender or are you more partial to the classics? Well, we think a person’s taste in ice cream can say a lot about their taste in interior design. So

Photo via Black Lacquer Design From resistance to hangovers to a lack of financial responsibility, there are certain things from our younger years that we’ll always remember fondly. But ripped Bob Marley posters as wall art and bedframe-free mattresses on the floor? Well, let’s just say that like a fine wine, our style is getting better with age. So in honor of all the new graduates heading out into the world, we’re sharing the top things that every adult apartment needs. 1. Proper Bedding You don’t need a thread count in the thousands

You know that classic saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, it’s true! Those gloomy days in early April don’t really matter once our favorite buds finally begin to bloom. So to celebrate sunshine and florals, we called upon our interior designers to channel their inner flower child and design a space inspired by the vibrant hues and fragrant scents of the season. Read on for three winning looks that are sure to take the term “spring fling” to new, effortlessly chic heights. Springtime Serenity by Krystyna Abdou Blissful pastel and indigo tones mingle with soft shapes and textures in this light-filled

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the thought of a beach day beats an actual day at the beach. Between temperatures in the triple digits, the occasional sand storm, and not to mention, those hungry seagulls, you can never be too prepared for a seaside trek. But with the coast in our backyard here at Laurel & Wolf HQ, we have plenty of practice in packing the perfect beach bag. From cozy lounge chairs to fashionable-meets-functional dinnerware, scroll through for the items that we wouldn’t be able to do a beach day without. DINING:  Shop: Bamboo Dinner Plate Set / Quinn

News flash: Good design does not discriminate! Whether you want to pour your hard-earned cash into a posh pad, or find yourself on the fashionable, yet frugal end of the spectrum, jaw-dropping design is always within reach. And when it comes to one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home, the living room, it’s especially important that your design dazzles, no matter your finances. To prove that a room can pack a punch at different price points, we tasked one of our very own Laurel & Wolf designers, Ryen Conley, with styling the same living

Image via M. Design Interiors Inc. Just as there are really outrageous outfits that only look good on a select few (Hadid sisters, we’re looking at you), there are really bad interior design choices that somehow just work. We’re talking super theme-y rooms, Golden Girls-inspired decor, and color palettes that straight up clash. These kinds of homes are like a slice of pizza covered in macaroni and cheese — they’re so wrong, but also so, so right. Ready to indulge in the good, the bad, and the most beautifully bold

Photography by Lauren Coleman for The Future Perfect It’s mid-May, and we’re officially in the thick of spring (#roséallday). We’ve overcome our initial case of spring fever, adjusted to daylight savings, and, most importantly, have finally gotten a handle on this season’s design trends. So what are the styles that you need to know about right now? Well, much like your favorite floppy hat, we’ve got you covered! From jungle-chic prints to French-influenced décor, we’ve sifted through the hottest home fashions to bring you the crème de la crème. Take a

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