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Image via C Home, designed and owned by Richard Shapiro Remember the dream house of the early 2000s? All the coolest celebs were living in faux Mediterranean style mansions with gaudy chandeliers, yellowy beige walls, and shiny, sepia-toned tiles. After a while, Mediterranean design started to lose its allure in favor of cool, minimal palettes. But this is a style with staying power. When executed correctly, it’s sophisticated, comfortable, and just plain stunning. So along with the warm, earthy tones and natural textures currently trending in design, we’re revisiting one

A really good hotel bathroom can make you feel like you’ve checked into a world renowned spa. But what if you could get that 5-star spa treatment in the comfort of your own home? We teamed up with the connoisseurs of wellness at The Honest Company to design a bathroom that’s made for relaxation. Read on for tips on how you can transform your own bathroom into one that’s hotel-worthy! 1. Sit back & relax with a bath tray There’s nothing worse than fretting about dropping your book or phone

Any sleep enthusiast would agree that the bedroom is pretty high up on the list of most important rooms in the house. There’s even scientific proof that a dreamy, well-designed bedroom can contribute to good zzz’s. But alas, there are many spaces we have to think about when designing our homes, and most of us can only allocate a certain amount of money towards each. So where should you spend and where should you save on bedroom furniture? Our designers weigh in on the key elements to consider when creating your

Most fashion girls know Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka as the kings of red carpet dressing, just ask the countless celebrities from Kate Winslet to Queen Latifah who have donned their signature glam frocks over the past 30 years. But while the design duo are top of mind when it comes to luxe little numbers, you probably didn’t know that they’re also making major waves in the realm of interior design. ENTER TO WIN: $10,000 in prizes, including a trip to NYC, a Laurel & Wolf design package and

When the Rolling Stones wrote the lyrics to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” we think they may have been talking about designing your home. It’s true, you can’t always get what you want (that $13,000 marble table for instance). But there are more than a few ways to make a big statement without blowing your budget. From rearranging your throw pillows to reupholstering a chair, these interior updates will make your space go bang without the buck. Refresh Your Upholstery New sofas are expensive, but reupholstering? Well, that costs a

Image via One Kings Lane People often think of modern design as stark and sterile, the look of museum galleries or a villain’s lair. But that cold vibe is a thing of the past. A newer, cozier modernism is on the rise — one that feels warm and inviting, streamlined and clean, all at the same time. But where did cozy modern come from? And how can you bring it into your own home? Read on for our tips. Cozy Modern Roots We’re putting our bets on the Scandinavians when it comes to the rise of

Photo via Black Lacquer Design From resistance to hangovers to a lack of financial responsibility, there are certain things from our younger years that we’ll always remember fondly. But ripped Bob Marley posters as wall art and bedframe-free mattresses on the floor? Well, let’s just say that like a fine wine, our style is getting better with age. So in honor of all the new graduates heading out into the world, we’re sharing the top things that every adult apartment needs. 1. Proper Bedding You don’t need a thread count in the thousands

Nail art gone nasty, sloppy baked goods, and plants that didn’t make it past the potting. Pinterest fails are funny… until they happen to you. It’s easy to fall victim to the seemingly simple DIY projects pinned our way. But the truth is, some things are just better left to the professionals. Oftentimes, our failures cost us more money than purchasing an item or hiring someone to do it right. So we’re here to help you fix those DIY disasters (hopefully before you make them). From painting your walls with patterns

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — interior design is not just for celebrities or your rich auntie from Connecticut. Sure, style comes with a price, but it doesn’t have to be so outrageous that you have to eat top ramen for a few months. At Laurel & Wolf, our designers are well-versed on creating high-style homes that don’t break the bank. So we challenged Catz Divirgilio of Blondiesloft to design the same glam bedroom at three different price points. What did she come up with? Read on to find out! Related: One Room,

News flash: Good design does not discriminate! Whether you want to pour your hard-earned cash into a posh pad, or find yourself on the fashionable, yet frugal end of the spectrum, jaw-dropping design is always within reach. And when it comes to one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home, the living room, it’s especially important that your design dazzles, no matter your finances. To prove that a room can pack a punch at different price points, we tasked one of our very own Laurel & Wolf designers, Ryen Conley, with styling the same living

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