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We spend a lot of time in bed. A third of our lives, to be exact. But even if you’re clocking eight hours under the covers each night, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting proper sleep. The truth is, our bedrooms have the power to make or break our quality of shut-eye. So to help you get the best snooze possible, we’ve compiled this handy bedroom design guide filled with doctor’s tips, scientifically proven sleep facts, and slumber-inducing secrets from interior designers. Keep It Clean A clean and relaxing bedroom

We all have some skeletons in our closets. That flirty, Marilyn Monroe-esque dress that suffered the stains of a few too many cosmos at a cocktail party some years back. An old favorite pair of well-worn jeans that haven’t seen anything but the depths of your closet in months. A tennis racket and a set of balls… do you even play tennis? But you’ll take that dress to the cleaner and resurrect that denim and bring those balls to the court at some point, right? If getting ready in the morning

To many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we partake in our morning coffee rituals, fuel our bodies with food, have wine nights with friends and cook dinner with our loved ones. So why shouldn’t it be as beautiful as the meals and memories we make in it? We know that overhauling a kitchen is no easy task. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be nearly as messy as that time you decided to make pasta from scratch. When it comes

Image via Nathan + Jac It doesn’t matter if you live in a poorly insulated home or one that’s got all the latest heating technologies. When Old Man Winter comes knocking, his chilling bite seems to chase us everywhere we go. So how can you keep your home cozy without going broke on heating bills? Well, it’s no big secret. Humans have always piled on layers and lined their living areas in heavy fabrics when temps get frigid. But which fabrics work best and how can you most effectively use them to

Image via The Home Aesthetic   When it comes to hiding clutter quickly, we’re always tempted to pull the old, ‘stuff everything into a closet‘ trick. But we all know that your mother-in-law/nosy-aunt will eventually open the closet door. Even if you have a million other tasks to complete before your holiday guests arrive, it’s important to declutter correctly. No matter how small the space, these tricks will help you stow away your stuff before anyone can see. Because the only thing that should be coming out of the closet this

Via Nuevo Estilo It’s almost that time of year, the one when Santa pops down our chimney and bellows “Ho, Ho, Ho!” in all his bearded glory. But what if St. Nick lands with a thump, surveys your living room and yells, “No, No, No!”? From floating rugs to ill-fitting chairs, some design no-no’s are sure to secure you a top spot on the naughty list. Thankfully, we’re putting on our elf hats to help! Read on to find out which design mistakes to avoid to be sure your space is always merry and bright. MISTAKE: Buying Matching

Imagine being slept on, sweat on, soaked in chemicals and thrown into a hot dryer. Doesn’t sound pretty, huh? Well, such is the life of our bedding. But caring for it properly doesn’t have to be so bad. Whether you’re a culprit of overwashing or underwashing, you’re probably unknowingly damaging your bedding in some way. So we’ve gathered the number one bedding mistakes and how to fix them. After all, we spend more than a third of our lives in bed – better learn how to treat our sheets! LAUNDRY

Image via One Kings Lane Bellbottoms come in, they give rise to the boyfriend jean, then the mom jean, then the skinny. And then back to bellbottoms all over again. Our homes are just as vulnerable to the whims of trends. The key is to not be a slave to them. So with that in mind, we give you the design trends that we’re ready to retire (and what you should replace them with…for now). Retired Trend: BLUSH Blush has been around the block and back. Deemed the “new neutral”

Image via POPSUGAR Curb appeal is the perfect alchemy of so many factors. It’s not just about an expertly manicured lawn or an impressively large facade. It’s about the intriguing, little details that capture our attention and make us want to see more. So how do you make a big impact without spending big money? From paint colors to plants, these easy (and inexpensive) exterior updates will make your house the belle of the block. Paint the Trim Changing the color of your home is a truly expensive prospect, but making small alterations

The way someone decorates their coffee table can say a lot about their personality. It’s tempting to want to pile on the personal items, but without the proper technique it can look random and cluttered. So to help you out, we called upon Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb to style one coffee table for three different personalities. Watch the video for tips on sprucing up your coffee table style, then read on for a breakdown of each look!  Look #1: The Fashion Editor She has over 50k followers on

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